Cartoons of Blasphemy

The decision to publish (or not publish) the Dreaded Cartoons of Blasphemy that have the Islam “Religion of Peace” so riled up isn’t such a clear cut decision. Let’s look at the options:

  • Let’s say you’re a Boston Globe and you happily publish pictures of the Virgin Mary covered with dung. Publishing the Muslim cartoons is a must to be consistent. Trying to claim that you’re just being sensitive is hypocritical.
  • Let’s say you’re a European newspaper and you’re trying not to add fuel to a fire. I think that’s cowardly. If you don’t stand up for free speech, then you’re subjecting yourself to dhimmitude. Fine, let the Muslims write your laws of decency.
  • Let’s say you’re me, and you’ve routinely denounced those that put down Christianity or work toward repressing the freedom of Americans to express their religion in public places. It would be hypocritical of me to publish offensive cartoons while denouncing those that publish offensive cartoons.

So there you have it. I straddled the fence. I won’t publish the cartoons because I think they are offensive to other religions, but if you already have a history of being offensive to Christians I think you ought to be consistent and just be offensive to everybody.

8 thoughts on “Cartoons of Blasphemy

  1. Bah. I should have known you wouldn’t let me get away with just linking the pictures.

    Ok, Mr. Smartypants. What is the non-appeasing, non-hypocritical Christian thing to do?


  2. Oh, Christian……

    Well, if we allow oligarchy of the offended to censor your site, then you’ll have to start catering to all sorts of ACLU types with delicate non-Christian sensibilities. Then you would have to start editing all my posts.

    The link will work, but in fairness, you should show the voices of the offended so the gentle reader can judge for themselves the level of offense that sets them off. This reaction has nothing to do with their sensibility, it has everything to do with the West’s submission – typical liberal ploy.

    Here’s LGF’s link to the mail responses from the peace loving loonies of islam:

    Read and laugh.


  3. I never admitted to allowing anybody to censor my site. I only admitted to filtering it myself based on my own view of what is Christian and right. I’m trying to figure out if you agreed it straddled that line correctly. πŸ˜›

    Warning to those easily offended: the emails from offended Muslims that Sean linked to are offensive in themselves. Try not to riot.


  4. Consider this, brother: Jesus came to earth and was mocked. He warned His disciples after He left that they would be mocked and that He would even be mocked in their presence. Jesus was not easily offended or puffed up when he was mocked and beaten, and he prayed for His persecutors. We should not wonder, then, that some in the world continue to mock him. Our response should be the same as our Lord’s: forgive them, Father.
    Consider also this: you are a Christian and not a Muslim. Therefore, you should not presume to speak for Muslims or assume that you understand the roots of their anger. Compassion and humility, brother, those are Christian values, not hatred or mockery.


  5. I appreciate your words, Pilgrim. (I think I sounded like John Wayne just then).

    And while I may not understand the roots of their anger, compassion and humility are difficult when they are beheading innocent people and blowing up buses. Loving one’s neighbor should certainly include our enemy when we can, but not at the sacrifice of our neighbor on the bus.


  6. ok, what the heck dude ❓ ❗ Yall should like be all nice and all..I mean I’m a christian. 😦 πŸ‘Ώ


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