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No, problem – I'll put it on plastic….

Oh boy.

The Senate voted Thursday to allow the national debt to swell to nearly $9 trillion, preventing a first-ever default on U.S. Treasury notes.

The bill passed by a 52-48 vote. The increase to $9 trillion represents about $30,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. The bill now goes to President Bush for his signature.

Hey, and you were worried about *your* credit card debt. At what point do we all say “enough”, and re-boot the system?


Makes you want to quit work and get into some social program, or the military.

Somebody’s being paid with my money I send these clowns.

Is it you?

If it is, I want it back. (No credit cards accepted.)

-hattip Brietbart via Drudge

3 responses to “No, problem – I'll put it on plastic….”

  1. And so Sean joins the world of blogging. Welcome. 🙂

    I have to admit the swelling budget is what I’m disappointed most about Bush. I thought conservatives were against tax-n-spend.


  2. Michael,

    Conservatives were against tax-n-spend. This is why people consider this group of republicans ‘liberals in conservatives’ clothing. They have done nothing but spend tax payer dollars and run up the budget deficit. They are most all guilty of it from Bush (hasn’t vetoed a spending bill yet. even the ‘bridge to nowhere’) to your buddy Tom Delay. Yes, he has stopped mass transit in houston, only to give it away in numerous other places to very wealthy people.

    Remember we use to call Democrates ‘tax and spend?’ Now we can call republicans “cut taxes and spend.” The real difference is that by leaving these problems for our children, they will be made worse by all the interest they will have to pay in addition. Talk about “the sins of the father are cast on to the children!” Funny how life works!


  3. I note that the Senate approved another emergency spending bill yesterday. – for the war and hurricane rebuilding.

    Remember that french dude DeToqueville? This is how the Republic ends……in a wash of spending.


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