LULAC, NAACP got nothin' on me.

Welcome to St. Patrick’s day in America. The oldest traditional Irish holiday in the new world (1762 by some accounts). We were celebrating our differences in the melting pot of America long before other immigrant groups.

Given for the Scottish son of the Roman Calphurnius and his wife, Conchessa. Padraig, at 15 became a cowherd slave to the Irish barbarians, escaped, spent a good part of his life on the continent of Europe, and Rome; and then with an angelic dream calling him to Ireland, converted a great many of the pagans there to Christianity. He began his call to conversion by … lighting a bonfire near Tara at the high Druid celebrations, on 26 March, Easter Sunday, in 433.

Conchessa’s Boy

American Holiday

4 thoughts on “LULAC, NAACP got nothin' on me.”

  1. I celebrated by spending four hours at the pediatrian’s. The Boy has pneumonia, apparently. This is the first year we haven’t celebrated in ages. Poor Boy.


  2. I hope he’s better.

    As for green hair, the Celts used lime in their hair for a spikey bleached look, and it did a great job at cutting down on fleas. Perhaps the green hair is a derivation of that?


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