Dogs and HyperActive Thyroids

Dang dogs. I’m pretty sure Patch jumped up on the furniture tonight and got my wife’s thyroid medicine off the end table. When I got home after exercise, it was Bella that was happily chewing on the child-proof (but not dog-proof) plastic bottle.

ASPCA poison control had a nearly incomprehensible technical paper on thyroid overdose. Basically, except for possible vomiting and diarrhea, the dogs should be fine. Dogs don’t absorb thyroid medicine well.

After I’m sure they’re ok, I’m going to kill them. Bad dogs.

2 thoughts on “Dogs and HyperActive Thyroids”

  1. Did I ever tell you my thyroid med story? Apparently, I didn’t close my bottle all the way and the boy at the age of 18 months got into it. He’d only swallowed one or two by the time I figured out what was going on, but I panicked!!

    Scooped him up, fished it all out of his mouth, called poison control. By the time we all settled down, I went back to clean up the rest of the meds. Only there weren’t any to clean up….the dog did it for me.


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