Border Placebo

Anything to get the American people off his back. I think years of liberals gnawing on Bush, I think they’ve finally eaten his backbone.

Apparently Bush is going to propose some help for the Border Police by sending in the National Guard. Except the National Guard won’t be able to actually do anything. And it’s temporary only; i.e. until this mess is out of the headline.

Mr. President: Close the borders. I don’t care about guest workers, amnesty, or any of those other related problem. We have those problem because the borders are wide open. Fix the root problem first. If your basement floods, you don’t redecorate first and then fix the leak. Fix the leak first, close the borders.

Michelle Malkin has a fine rant this morning:

Some Bush supporters are admonishing immigration enforcement activists to “tone it down” because the criticism will hurt Bush.

Maybe he should of thought of that all the years when he could have been raiding worksites and strengthening border protection for their own sake. Instead, he has chosen to offer a too little, too late, and all-too-expedient gesture of immigration enforcement as a phony bargaining chip to bribe his base into supporting a historically doomed, dangerous, and utterly unmanageable amnesty proposal.

Tone it down? No, crank it up.

What does he take us for?

You want the American people to buy into “comprehensive immigration reform?”

Message to Congress (since the White House still isn’t listening): Drop the guest worker plan and the amnesty sham. Comprehensive immigration enforcement first. Enforcement now.

No more bull.

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