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In Love on God's Timetable

I love to hear about new love, especially when it’s rooted in faith in the Lord. My wife and I, as you know, “re-began” (if that’s a word) our marriage based on just this type of faith. Jeff at Think Sink is asking for prayers for him:

Yes, friends and stray readers (and you know which group you belong to), I have met a very special lady. We are taking things on God’s timetable. And the real joy in this relationship comes from the fact that God is at the center of it, God is at the center of her life–and God is finally finding an opening through which He can pry His way in to become the center of my life. It’s been a hard fight, but I finally realized I shouldn’t be fighting it.

I am being challenged mightily by God to finally become the man He made me to be. I’m on my knees daily, asking for His guidance in our friendship. I am continuously lifting her up in prayer. And I have had more than a few “smack down” sessions with the Lord already in the very short time this friendship has been in existence (about one month).

The lady has also entrusted to me the leadership of our friendship, and we have both pledged to be open to whatever God has in store for us, and are willing to walk side-by-side on this journey to wherever God leads us. That’s wherever God leads us, not where we might desire to go.

I ask for your prayers: for her, for us, and for me.

Stop by and pray for him.

* via Brutally Honest

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