Barefoot Running

I first heard of this from a friend at church who had taken up a new running method. The idea was that with shoes, your foot hit heel-first, but when you run barefoot, the ball of your foot hits first. He was running faster and farther now running barefoot.

Today I see an article from Wall Street Journal talking about barefoot running, and some new “barefoot” shoes from Five Fingers Footwear that appeared on Luxist.

Is this some weird fad, or is a new trend in shoes?

I’m going to wear some of these to work next week and see what happens.
Five Fingers Footwear

5 thoughts on “Barefoot Running

  1. They sure are different, but they look comfortable. What if you have some… funky toes? Mine curl funny (I’ll spare you the picture) and I wonder if the toes of these shoes will bend or if the toe would stay inside.


  2. Jo: Gadzooks those are bizarre. You wear them on purpose? :/

    Doug – Good question. There are some funky toes in my family, but I’m not likely to buy them a pair to find out.


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