So Much Liberal Media Today

I’ve never seen so many news stories trumpeting the Democrats winning one or both seats of congress. Tonight, CNN was saying how great it was to have a divided Congress, or a President in one party and the Congress in another. The media is trying to brainwash the American people into believing this is a done deal. Pelosi is already Speaker of the house by all media accounts.

I’m not falling for it. I don’t believe it. I think the Democrats are falling for their own push-polls that say they’re going to win. Sure, there’s a lot of dissatisfaction among Republicans. Keeping up support for the troops is hard when the media blasts us daily that we’re a bunch of losers and we should quit. Republicans promised us smaller government and they ballooned it into something huge. The Republicans make no serious effort to stand up against the ACLU’s attack on Christianity, gay marriage, lower taxes, or any other conservative issue I can think of. The border is as porous as the underwear men are wearing to the gym (which, by the way, I almost but not quite feel compelled to give them a dollar to buy some new underwear).

But the Democrats offer nothing in the way of an alternative. Nothing. And they think somehow they’re going to win?

My prediction is that Democrats make minor itty bitty inroads, gain a couple of seats. Nothing more. And the media will blame it on faulty voting machines again.


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