Elton John Would Ban Religion Completely

From Drudge:

Sir Elton John wants religion banned completely — because he believes it promotes hatred of gays.

Speaking to the Observer Music Monthly Magazine the singer said religion lacked compassion and turned people into “hateful lemmings”.

The PRESS ASSOCIATION reports: In a candid interview for a dedicated Gay issue of the magazine he shared his views on topics as varied as being a pop icon to Tony Blair’s stance on the war in Iraq.

He said there was a lack of religious leadership, particularly in world politics, and complained that people do not take to the streets to protest any more.

Sir Elton said: “I think religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people. Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays.

“But there are so many people I know who are gay and love their religion. From my point of view I would ban religion completely.

“Organised religion doesn’t seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate.”

Does he realize the hypocrasy in his own words? What if a conservative Christian said gays were “hateful lemmings”, that “gays always try to turn hatred toward religious people, gays promote the hatred and spite against Christians” and Christians should “ban gays completely.”

Do his word sound like he’s being compassionate or hateful to others?

2 thoughts on “Elton John Would Ban Religion Completely”

  1. Obviously, you don’t understand. You cannot accuse anyone with a liberal point of view of hypocrisy. They are all compassionate people who are looking out for everyone’s best interests. And its okay to hate those awful, evil religious people who because they can’t possibly believe in nonsense like the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s obviously just a front for hate — like the KKK. Get real, would you? (Please note the dripping sarcasm.) :mrgreen:


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