Kramer Pingbacks

This will appeal only to the technophiles; I installed a WordPress plugin yesterday called Kramer (or at Kramer) and I like it so far – one of the features is automatically to show pingbacks from Technorati, even if the originator doesn’t support pingbacks.

For 99% of you reading that, it meant absolutely nothing, so here’s the translation: when the Houston Chronicle links to one of my posts, we will all know. It’ll show up as a comment to that post, and also on that sidebar on the right under “Recent Comments.” I expect for the next few days some very old pingbacks will appear there as people read older posts – I’ve already seen some old links going back to 2004 appearing. That’ll settle down in a few days, I think.

Kewl. Nice plugin.

1 thought on “Kramer Pingbacks”

  1. I have a question to the author for later today about the Technorati pingback. When a blog links to me, I get a WordPress comment with a Technorati link, but the link is blank.

    Example post:

    Look at comment #7 at the Tehnorati icon. If you click it, it takes you to:

    Which is a fairly useless page. Shouldn’t there be a website name there, either the originating post or my blog? And if so, how do I correct it?


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