Barack Hussein Obama: Self-Described Christian

Barack Obama: Self-Described Christian Barrack Hussein Obama describes himself as a Christian and the New York Times is almost besides itself with glee. Notice the picture and how holy Obama appears.

I like Christians, I really do. I happen to be one. But those people that routinely exhibit their Christian faith are routinely trashed by the New York Times. George W. Bush, for instance, would never get a glowing NY Times article abut his faith. Instead, we get scare stories about upcoming theocracies and how important the separation of church and state is. So why does Obama get special treatment for his faith? If the New York Times trashes most Christians but praises Obama, then it’s likely Obama is not like the other Christians. My hackles of suspicion are raised.

I repeat my repetition: liberals are going to try to split the conservative Christian vote by portraying themselves as Christian. Conservative Christianity is bad (separation of church and state! we don’t want a theocracy!) while liberal Christianity is good (wow, Obama is practically a saint!) according to liberal media.

“Be strong and have courage, for I am with you wherever you go,” Mr. Obama said in paraphrasing God’s message to Joshua.

Now, I’m all in favor of liberals quoting scripture. In fact, I’m all in favor of liberals quoting the entire bible. I think liberals (and conservatives, for that matter) that selectively quote scripture to support their position ought to be challenged by scripture the candidate doesn’t like.

As a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama is reaching out to both liberal skeptics and committed Christians. In many speeches or discussions, he never mentions religion. When Mr. Obama, a former constitutional law professor, does speak of faith, he tends to add a footnote about keeping church and state separate.

What I’ve seen in the news recently is more than just a challenge to church and state; it’s a downright hostility to any public policy that mirrors faith. The recent decision by the Supreme Court to uphold partial birth abortion – a decision Obama “strongly disagrees” with – was decided 5-4 justices. All the justices that upheld the ban had Catholic upbringing; those that voted against it did not. This same New York Times that praises the most holy Barack Obama also decries the influence of Catholics in the partial-birth abortion ban. As if any belief that a Christian might hold is automatically suspect, and Christians are OK only if they actively vote against Christian principle in order to demonstrate their progressiveness.

Color me unimpressed with the New York Times hypocrisy.

3 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama: Self-Described Christian”

  1. As a theologically conservative but politically moderate-liberal Christian, I take issue with your attack on Obama. Your implication seems to be that he is not really a Christian (“self-described”, “portraying themselves”, etc.) I haven’t seen any evidence that that is the least bit true. As someone who reads the Bible and believes it is God’s word, I do have strong opinions on how my faith is expressed in my politics. I support the reduction of abortion into virutal nonexistence. But I also support the reduction of poverty both here and abroad, the reduction of war, compassion upon prisoners, immigrants, and others in need. I get those values from my Bible, and those concerns fill the pages of most of its books and really describe the actions and words of Christ. While I do not agree with Obama on every issue, his concerns mirror those of the God I see in the Bible more than any of the Republican candidates.


  2. You’ve aimed incorrectly. I attacked the hypocrisy of the NY Times who praises the liberal Christians for his beliefs while condemning the conservative one with cries of “separation of church and state.” The “self-described Christian” phrase was taken from the NY Times article, so I suggest you take up your disgruntlement with them, as did I.

    I believe a conservative translation of the bible is more accurate than a liberal one, but that’s my belief. I read the speech you mentioned and found much to both agree with and disagree with, but as to Obama’s actual spiritual condition, I would have no idea.

    But when the NY Times thinks he’s a good person, my hackles go up.


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