I’m sure some companies still believe they can bamboozle the public by putting out a news release. If it shows up in the newspaper, it must be true, right?

Take a look at this story. Comcast says the switch from Time Warner is going “smoothly.”.

“It’s all gone very smoothly,” [spokesman Ray] Purser said. “I think it’s been a lot easier than people thought it was going to be.”

But this is a new age, where there’s instant feedback. A press announcement isn’t enough. Look at the bottom of that article under the Reader’s Comments section. Pages and pages of customer complaints about Comcast service and the difficulty in switching. That doesn’t sound like it’s going “smoothly” to me.

I think I’ll use that phrase all day today. When somebody asks me, “How’s it going?” My answer will be, “Smoothly.”


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