Evangelism, Postmodernism, and Star Trek

Through the Motley Fool, I read a few forums; a participant recently posted a review that included a discussion of Christian faith, postmodernism, Captain Kirk and Captain Picard. It’s a terrific book review and offers some insight into those that dwell in a postmodern world. Those of us with faith in Jesus may find insight here in understanding those whose faith is more fluid and does not rest upon the solid rock.

Good reading, take a look at A Primer on Postmodernism.

4 thoughts on “Evangelism, Postmodernism, and Star Trek”

  1. We see it all around us. Anything goes these days, it appears, and should you criticize my choice, then you have committed the gravest sin of all: judging right from wrong.

    Care for abortion on demand? Human/animal chimeras?
    Low initial cost ARM’s?

    Step on up, we all want to believe we know the right way to go, especially when we get to define it.

    I imagine however, that one has to be very careful when “connecting” with post-modernists to proclaim the gospel. At a certain point, we all have to construct that rudder you speak of. Societal rudders include religion, institutions, traditions, language, culture and law. All of which are under assault these days. Not simply as “old fashioned” ideas that no longer apply to the enlightened, but as heretical blasphemies defined by those post-modernists who whould have it all torn down for some utopian world in which we all leave each other alone to do our own things.

    I’m with Captain Kirk, phasers on stun.



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