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Little Things in Germany

I rented a car this week in Germany. Instead of “Auto Rental,” it’s called Mietwagon. I’m thinking, “Do I really want to rent a meatwagon?”

Afterwards, I raced on the Autobahn. It’s not as exciting, though, when you’re in a minivan.

8 responses to “Little Things in Germany”

  1. Germany, huh? I’ve written a lot about Germany, none of it good. 🙂

    As a homeschooling parent, it would be very dangerous for me to live in Germany. If you really think about *why* it’s illegal to homeschool in Germany, it doesn’t take long to figure out that there’s an incredible amount of thought control going on there. Maybe not that much has really changed from the 30s & 40s. There’s just different target groups now.


  2. I spent some time with my cousin there this last weekend, and he has a 5 year old boy. We didn’t spend a lot of time talking about school, but he didn’t seem to see troubles with the schools there. Of course, pre-school for them is an American school.


  3. If one follows the government rules and turns one’s back to the plight of families who wish to educate their own children, then, sure, one wouldn’t seem to see troubles.

    I’m not saying your cousin is ignorant or heartless, but your cousin is German. I have a German (and Christian) friend here in the states who is a public school teacher. When I asked her about some of the cases I was hearing about in Germany regarding children being taken away from their families by the state, simply for homeschooling, or parents being jailed for such, I expected her to share my shock. However, she barely batted an eye, and said, “well, it is illegal, you know.” She’s German. I’m learning that there is a very strong nationalistic indoctrination in Germany, and guess where that indoctrination takes place?


  4. Actually, my cousin and his wife and child are Americans. Grew up in Florida. They moved to the US Army base in Germany several years ago.

    I’m pretty sure my cousin isn’t ignorant or heartless. Or German, for that matter.


  5. Michael, I’m sorry, I really did not mean to be name calling your cousin. If he’s related to you, I know he’s a wonderful person. My point is the problem in Germany, and I realize that not everyone sees my point of view or even if they do, are not passionate about it – I’ve gotten so worked up in past that I’ve come close to calling certain German edu-crats the “N” word…not helpful, I know. Again, my sincere apologies to one of my favorite bloggers and his cousin.


  6. No offense taken, just explaining. 🙂 But thank you for concern.


  7. Good. Well, you are nice about things, so I’ve give you a “Nice” award – you can see it in my current post, sorry, but it’s a pink shoe; not at all manly and I would have changed it to an army boot if I knew how. 🙂


  8. Oh no! I’m finishing last again!

    Thank you for the kind words, Jennifer.


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