Praying for Rain

I first saw the news yesterday that governor of Georgia was going to lead a prayer for rain. I only briefly glanced over it; if I thought of it at all, it was to remark to myself that it’s probably only a photo op to appease his votors, or if he’s sincere, a passing wonder if an answered prayer for rain was within God’s will.

But today, the news is different. The mere act of praying, now, violates the imaginary separation of church and state. The protestor is disgruntled because the governor is praying “in the name of Georgia.” Bah. There’s a lunatice so concerned he might accidentally receive a blessing from God that he’s going to protest that somebody is praying for rain.

Do me a favor today, would you? Pray for rain for the devout people of Georgia. Pray that the rain will show the mighty hand of our Lord at work in our world. And if you’re a government employee, please make sure to pray in the name of the local, state, or U.S. government agency that you work for. (There’s probably a government form for rain prayers somewhere but I don’t have time to look it up.)

3 thoughts on “Praying for Rain

  1. If one is willing to posit the belief that prayers could result in a favorable action from God, then one should also consider the possibility that the current drought is additionally an act of his will. Perhaps the lack of rainfall is actually a sign, an omen, a warning from God that he is displeased with the way the people of northern Georgia are running their pathetic little lives. He may be displeased with their slavish devotion to the steroid injected hulks of beefy meat lumbering up and down their Falcons, Braves, and Hawks sports fields. Maybe there is a distaste for the Coca-Cola company’s selling of caramel flavored fizzy water for $1.25 a bottle? Or a disfavor with the incessant chopping down of his woodlands to build ever larger water sucking suburbs? Or maybe he just does not like CNN’s Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace. LoL


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