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What to Do if Starbucks Closes?

If Starbucks was closed, I certainly wouldn’t stand outside the locked doors and complain about it.

Luong is a regular at the Starbucks at Westheimer and Post Oak Boulevard, and employees had warned him about the closure. But 45 minutes after they locked the doors, he still was shivering outside, hanging out with a dozen other people who consider the coffee shop their second home.

What would you do if Starbucks was closed? Here are three absolutely insane and unthinkable possibilities:

  • Go someplace else.
  • Make your own.
  • Go without.

Would you stand outside the locked doors and shiver? What would be your “Plan B?”

3 responses to “What to Do if Starbucks Closes?”

  1. I wouldn’t notice.

    I really don’t get the Starbucks’ thing. The coffee there is terrible. It always tastes burnt.


  2. I would be thrilled that a leftist company with leftist policies and not great coffee was closing. Could we ALL please stop going to Starbucks.


  3. Do they have conservative coffee shops? 🙂

    One Starbucks near me had one of those “Word of the Day” calendars next to the cash register. The word was “Civil Union” and made disparaging comments against those who would oppose gay marriage.

    I hadn’t thought of Starbucks and their leftist tendancies nearly as much as I think of Ben & Jerry’s.


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