Not on Anybody's Diet

Baskin-Robbins Heath ShakeFeed a small country. Buy this shake from Baskin-Robbins. Only 166% of your daily fat (320% of your daily saturated fat). But hey, it also has 120% of your recommended calcium, so it could be considered a health drink. Especially for women; not only will it fight osteoporosis, but it’ll also lower your center of gravity, making it harder to tip you over.

I’m impressed that a single shake can deliver *all* your daily calories in a single serving.

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1 thought on “Not on Anybody's Diet”

  1. to a serving bowl (discard the bay leaf) and stir in the remaining one tablespoon butter, the pears, and reduced broth. Season with thyme and then stir in the ham. Related articles by Zemanta Recipes for Health: Red Chard, Potato and White Bean RagoutNot on Anybody’s DietTeal’s Yummy-In-My-Tummy Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup


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