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What Did We Learn?

Obama beat McCain handily, 349 to 163 electoral votes.

What we should have learned, I don’t know that we did. What we should have learned is that we have principles and ideals and we should stick to them.

Ronald Reagan knew it, and we gave him victories. The 1994 Republican House knew that, and we gave them victories.

Ever since then, our leaders have been trying to reach across the isles. And we get trounced, every time.

George Bush Sr, “No New Taxes.” Until he reached across the isle, and we voted him out of office.

Republicans spent money in 2004-2006 like, well, like they were Democrats. And we voted them out of office.

What was McCain except a big reach across the isle? Part of the Gang of 14 that chose to work with Democrats instead of pushing for the judicial appointees which we will never get. Not in my lifetime. The Democrats will fill each and every one of those posts with liberal activist judges that should have been filled by conservative strict constructionists. Reaching across the isle hurt the conservative cause. Wait till Obama appoints 4 new judges in his first term to the Supreme Court, and then see if reaching across the isle helped us in any way.

McCain promised to take hatchet to the government spending and cut our earmarks, but when it came time for the $700 billion bailout of our economy, not only did he vote for it, but he also voted for an additional $150 billion in pork. That’s when he lost the election for sure.

Lesson learned. Stick to your principles.

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4 responses to “What Did We Learn?”

  1. Doug, I’m already seeing opinions that don’t understand this concept. Some believe Republicans lost because they didn’t appeal enough to the Center and to Independents.

    How do we get them to understand that the reason they lost is *precisely* because they tried to appeal to the center?


  2. We point them to history. Reagan was a solid conservative and a solid communicator. He told the people how conservative policies would benefit them. George HW Bush was less conservative and his “no new taxes” promise burned him. Clinton actually brought about welfare reform.

    No, really!

    George W Bush was a poor communicator and he championed the sellout… I mean bailout. He went to the center and his approval rating suffered. McCain had an atrocious campaign that was anything but
    maverick and he was not the favorite of many conservatives from the beginning.

    And yet the church favored him. Not because he truly believes that life begins at fertilization! That can’t be, because he voted to fund embryonic stem cell research and was in the gang of 14 that sought to block pro-life judges from the Supreme Court.

    The church needs to stop relying on depraved politics to save the world and start relying on the gospel. We have been the shmucks of the Republican party for 30+ years. Our public credibility has suffered for this.

    Finally, we need to support our next president as much as we are able. This does not mean that we are to agree with all that he wants to do. But we need to respect him. We have cried out for constitutional judges thus far. To make remarks that this is not “my” president is to be no better than those who said the same about Bush.

    Pray for President-Elect Obama. Not against him. Pray that the Lord would guide his decisions on our behalf. And remember that God will receive greater glory with Obama in office than McCain.

    How? I don’t know yet. But if God can work all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, God can (and will) work all things for his supreme glory.

    There is a lot of emoting on the Christian blogosphere right now. And frankly, we need to get over it and take a long look in the mirror. A few weeks ago, I sang in church the line, “Your gospel, oh Lord, is the hope of the nations.” To lose hope, even momentarily, over the election of a superior communicator who beat a man with the most lethargic campaign I have ever seen, is the sin of unbelief.

    And for the sake of the name, let us NOT vote against anyone next time around. Let us vote FOR a man or woman who communicates our values and gives us reason to believe they are truly sincere.


  3. Well, I don’t know if you read old blog comments, but here’s the ramblings of a conservative-Democrat/Moderate:

    I voted for Obama in this election. If I real fiscal conservative had been running who was actually willing to take expanding entitlements head on, balance the budget and do the right thing in Iraq and Afghanistan but not countenance continued interventionism they would have had my vote in a second.

    Instead McCain was a totally unsatisfying compromise. He wasn’t basing his policies off of the idea that personal responsibility is the American ideal. His policies really felt like half-measures. His health care plan would have covered few, but still consumed a lot of resources.

    The funny thing is, I’m actually a moderate. Despite this, I’d sooner vote for a liberal than a moderate. Moderate (Republican/Democrat hybrid) candidates have platforms that I find barely acceptable. Who knows what part they will actually implement. With someone like Obama, I know his focus is going to be universal health care and he’s going to work hard to push it through.

    Given the choice between a true Reagan conservative and a liberal though, I’ll vote for the conservative every time. A limited small government that leaves the resources in our hands of hard working Americans, giving them the means and space to live the good life without needing government help is hugely important. That also means protecting people from domination and distortion at the hand of large companies (I think some Republicans took Reagan’s policies as UNIVERSALLY applicable – that’s a mistake).

    All this even though my social views are TOTALLY different (atheist,pro-gay). A administration founded on personal freedom and non-intervention is going to let people live their lives, even if they don’t morally approve.

    I guess I’m what you’d call a “Reagan Democrat?”

    PS. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on my theory!


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