I hope the new healthscare bill dies quickly.

All the horrors we expected are in the bill. For the first 10 years, it’s expected to cost $1,055,000,000,000.00. After that, it gets expensive. To keep it “affordable,” most the the healthscare bill doesn’t take effect for 5 years. Give me a 20 year estimate of the cost, you lying hypocritical congressional weasels.

At 1,990 pages, it’s the largest bill ever, and still ends up costs $2.2 million for each word in the bill.

Federally funded abortions are included.

“Death panel” government oversight committeess are included.

Insuring illegal aliens are included.

If America’s enemies wanted to bankrupt our economy, they couldn’t have done better.

Name one efficient, cost effective government run agency. The post office? Social Security? Welfare? The economy? How about other health services like Medicare or Medicaid?

This healthscare bill needs a serious case of euthanasia. If you’re a congressperson who votes for this, you deserve to be out of a job at the next election.

4 thoughts on “Healthscare

  1. I like the bit where they start taxing in January, but benefits don't begin to be phased in for three years. Pay taxes for three years, during the recession, for nothing. What would Patrick Henry do? I'm beginning to believe that his was the only way out, and ours will be similar.


  2. There are so many fundamental economic principles violated by this concept that FB would crash if I listed them. Suffice it to say that nothing is free, good docs will leave for higher returns, more entitlements will drive the dollar toward peso values, and none of us will feel healthier or richer for it.


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