That's Enough of Disqus

I’m disabling Disqus today from my blog at http:\\ . The idea was great – a more open community for comments to posts. The interface was nice, and I liked the fact that individuals “owned” their own comments and could edit them as necessary.

But Disqus was barely used by the community. The only additional comments I got were mostly spam. And there’s a technical hiccup – I use a utility to crosspost comments from Facebook to my blog and back again, and Disqus ignored those comments. It’s like they don’t exist. I can disable Disqus and the WordPress comments appear; renable Disqus and the comments disappear again. I have to manually import, over and over again, for the comments to match.

And since there was no response to my technical inquiry at Disqus, *poof*, it’s deleted.

5 thoughts on “That's Enough of Disqus”

  1. Hey Michael,

    Daniel from Disqus here. Appreciate the feedback and we are most definitely working on improving the community aspects of Disqus.

    The real part that concerns me is if you didn’t get the support you needed. If you’re willing to extend a favor, could you tell me about your ignored support request here?


  2. Daniel, amazing that you found this post but I didn’t get a technical support response. Happy to help, and I’ll email a copy of this to you –

    I use a Wordbook plugin to import my posts into Facebook, and use a FacebookComments plugin to import Facebook comments back into my blog. That part is working great.

    But Disqus doesn’t play nice with that system. Disqus does not recognize comments imported by FacebookComments, even though I can see them from my WordPress Dashboard. I have to tell Disqus to reimport comments so that Disqus displays the imported Facebook comments. Otherwise, Facebook has one set of comments that matches my WordPress Dashboard, and Disqus has a completely different set of comments on the Disqus website and also appears to visitors to my blog.

    I want all the comments to be one and the same. I posted a similar request on Disqus (I can’t remember where, it was difficult to find a button to allow me to contact anybody at Disqus), but no response to my inquiry.


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