Kay Bailey Hutchison Loses a Voter

That’s it. Kay Bailey Hutchison will never get another vote from me.

Socially issues, she’s ok. The positions she’s taken on abortion are mixed but generally pro-life, though the inconsistency indicates she’s voting pragmatically instead of from principles. She gets a 7% rating from NARAL indicating she’s pro-life, and a 75% rating from NRLC which indicates mixed but generally pro-life.

Fiscally,though, she stinks. She voted for the Stimulous Bill. She voted for TARP.

But what really got me was an interview I heard with her on KSEV Radio this morning on my way to work. The host asked her why, when the Republicans had control of all three branches why they didn’t address Healthcare. Her answer? They were too focused on trying to balance the budget.

Oh, please. It’s because o spending like yours, Ms. Hutchison, that congressional leaders are being voted out of office. And you’re on the list of leaders that must go.

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