Liberals Hate Sarah Palin

When George Bush ran against John Kerry, Kerry’s pictures always showed him looking thoughtful, pondering. Bush’s pictures made him look deranged.

It’s beginning again. Sarah Palin spoke yesterday to Tea Party protestors, declaring, “America is ready for another revolution.” And this is the picture the Associated Press chose?

I’ve seen many pictures and videos of Sarah Palin, but this picture looks like she eats her Wheaties with steroids and lithium.

2 thoughts on “Liberals Hate Sarah Palin

  1. Can any Republicans who think themselves smart explain how Bushes TARP was NOT Socialism? Can any of you tell me, regardless of what your Political Party Pronounces it believes in and has for however long, I should believe a single word of it after viewing continuing deficit spending under your pols? I let off Reagan from this – the Eastern Bloc needed to be beaten out and I believe he’s the only leader of the last 50 years who had a sensible excuse for it and as I see it we broke their backs economically. But since then?


  2. Bush’s TARP gave money to banks. Fiscally liberal, even irresponsible, but not socialism.

    Government owned banks, auto dealers, and healthcare service is socialism.


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