Republican Debate Tonight

Did you know there are twelve more Republican debates after tonights? I wish there were that many football games left.

Here’s what I’m anticipating, some good, some not good –

– Huntsman is not appearing. He doesn’t have a chance in the Republican primary anyway, he’s far to liberal or moderate in this Year of the Tea Party. All he did was crack jokes in the last debate anyway.

– That leaves 7 contenders. It’s time to start winnowing down the contestants so we can rally behind somebody. Trouble is, all of them have their good points. Cain for his bold economic plan, Paul for his distrust of the Fed, Romney because he’s well-spoken (though I’m not enamored with his social engineering and China trade background), Bachmann for her unwavering Tea Party principles, Santorum for his practicality, Gingrich for his knowledge and political experience. And I’m sure Perry has some sort of good points if I look for them hard enough.

– But moderated by Anderson Cooper? He hates the Tea Party. I expect unfairly worded questions (would you rather starve old people or let them resort to cannibalism?) and unabashed liberal antagonism. Not that it’s all bad – it’ll prepare the candidates for next year’s debates with Obama who has far friendlier press to deal with.

– Note that social issues aren’t really on the table at the moment. Seek ye first fiscal responsibility and all these things shall be given unto thee.

What are you looking forward to seeing?

6 thoughts on “Republican Debate Tonight

  1. Herman Cain applauded the sellout… I mean bailouts.
    Ron Paul is great but can’t bring in enough people beyond his rabid base to get the nomination.
    Romney is a liar. He added $50 abortions to his state’s Romneycare plan and PERSONALLY signed marriage certificates for homosexuals while in office.
    Bachmann is mostly OK, but unable to capitalize on any momentum she may have had at one point.
    Rick Santorum is awesome and I believe would take real steps to solve out problems. He is the one who pointed out that a healthy family is the most necessary structure if we are to have a healthy economy.
    Mixed feelings on Gingrich. He’s the smartest guy on the stage, but is he a guy I could vote for? Maybe.
    Rick Perry has the best facials when he isn’t being asked questions. He looks off into the distance like a robot going to sleep mode or something. I hope, for his sake, his handlers instruct him not to do that any more.

    My #1 is Santorum. I’d love a Santorum/Gingrich ticket. But he won’t get the nomination. And it’s not because the liberal media, but because the liberal Republican establishment. It’s sad, really.


    • I like Santorum a lot, too. He turned in an excellent performance last week. I would say at the moment he’s my #1 choice.

      I’m not entirely against TARP (the bailout) for the purpose it was intended, providing liquidity to the banking system. It ended up being used as a bailout, though, saving investors and bondholders instead of savers. So I won’t hold it against somebody who voted for TARP. The Stimulous, though, was just plain pork.

      I’ll cut Romney some slack to a point – I might be ok with his RomneyCare support since it was what Massachussetts wanted. But that’s not leadership – that’s following. He’s certainly not my favorite. I could hold my nose and vote for him if I had to, especially if he selected an ultra conservative for VP. He ranks just above Huntsman.

      I find it amusing I’d vote for Perry for President even though I voted against him for governor.


      • Michelle Bachman (who won the Iowa Straw Poll) really hurt my impression of Perry with that comment about the semi-coerced vaccinations in the public schools.

        Seriously though, Obama is a dead man walking right now. We shouldn’t be looking for the candidate who can beat him. A broom has a great shot to beat him. We need to vote for the person who we WANT in office.

        I cannot vote for Romney, not due to his religion but due to his record.


      • I expected Anderson Cooper to belittle them, but he didn’t. He was clever in antagonizing them. “Herman Cain said this about you…” type of remarks.

        I generally like Perry, but I don’t think he’s conservative enough for me. I admit I voted against as governor for the same reason, but Texas is generally more conservative than most states. But Perry has done awful at the debates.

        I disagree about Santorum, I thought he did well. He and Romney bickered, but Santorum is behind in the polls and he shouldn’t let the leaders get away with a lie.

        Bachman and Gingrich were good. Bachman is unwavering in conservatism, but Gingrish has shown he’ll abandon conservative principles if it gets Republicans elected. I’m conservative first, not Republican.

        Romney is smooth, but his liberal background bothers me. He’s support gay marriage, struck down abortion restrictions, and established a big government healthcare system while governor.

        While I like Cain, the 9% sales tax is a problem. Everybody recognizes the additional revenue stream problem, and then his plan falls apart. He has tied his political ambitions to a plan, so if the plan fails, he fails. And it’ll take years to implement his plan.

        Ron Paul’s ideas should be seriously considered because he’s right. Taking away support from Israel, though, sunk his presidency. He’s right about withdrawing from around the world. Why are we still in Germany?


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