Obama Urges Spending Curbs for Somebody, But Not Him

Associated Press headline, “Obama urges spending curbs, hands out $15 billion.”

After not quite a month in office, I’ve begun to change my opinion on the President. I thought at first he was a useful idiot, a tool of the powerful Democrat Spending Machine.

I no longer think he’s useful, and “idiot” may be too high a compliment.

“If we confront this crisis without also confronting the deficits that helped cause it we risk sinking into another crisis down the road,” the president warned. “We cannot simply spend as we please and defer the consequences to the next budget, the next administration or the next generation.”

It’s barely a week since Obama disregarded calls to trim the so-called Stimulus Package, the Porkulus Bill. Billions of dollars of non-stimulus spending items went into that bill, then Obama followed up with another $250 billion or so for the mortgage industry.

Obama has spent more money in 30 days than any President in history. I would not be surprised to find he spent more than all previous Presidents combined.

And he has the gall to say we have to get spending under control? Does he even have a clue what he’s doing? First he says we must spend for the good of our economy, then he says we need to stop spending for the good of the economy.

What the heck is he doing? He’s not just saying an doing two different things – he’s actually saying to different things at the same time.

I see today he’s also pledged $900 million to rebuild Gaza. Didn’t we also sell Israel the weaponry to destroy Gaza to halt terrorist attacks? When the Palestinians re-attack Israel, will we also help rebuild Jewish settlements? Where did Obama suddenly get this $900 million?

Next up, nationalized banks, nationalized healthcare, a few more trillion dollars in spending, followed by another call for fiscal responsibility?

What got us into this mess was government intervention pressuring banks into lending to people who couldn’t pay their loans back and individual and corporate greed and a attitude of immediate gratification and a complete disregard for the debt our grandchildren will inherit. And somehow, the fix for this mess is to pressure banks into lending to people who can’t pay their loans back and individual and corporate greed and a attitude of immediate gratification and a complete disregard for the debt our grandchildren will inherit. Are these people nuts?

No wonder there’s a movement afoot for a Chicago Tea Party. We’re taking money away from the grandchildren in red states and giving it to inept governments in blue states. And now Obama says those same grandchildren better get their spending under control. It’s worse than Orweillian. It’s obtuse and deranged. It’s destructive.

Please stop helping, Mr. President, before we become a third world country.

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Binge Drinking Elephants

Just for the record, Paris Hilton has not admitted to helping binge drinking elephants in India.

CORRECTIVE: Paris Hilton Story
Nov 13 07:44 PM US/Eastern

GAUHATI, India (AP) – In a Nov. 13 story, The Associated Press incorrectly reported that Paris Hilton was praised by conservationists for highlighting the problem of binge-drinking elephants in northeastern India. Lori Berk, a publicist for Hilton, said she never made any comments about helping drunken elephants in India.

The AP

So, who is Paris Hilton helping if not the Indian binge-drinking elephants? And who, pray tell, *is* helping the Indian binge-drinking elephants? And does anybody realize that “Paris Hilton and the Binge-Drinking Elephants” would be a good title for a well-intentioned but ill-advised children’s book?

There’s so much more to this story, I just know it.

Government Fails to Stop Prayer

I chuckled at thsi story. Isn’t it prohibited for the US Government to prohibit freedom of religion? They succeed often, but not this time. The graduating students stood up and prayed The Lord’s Prayer and the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Earlier in the day, a federal judge had banned prayers from the ceremony in response to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. But during the principal’s opening remarks, about 200 students prayed aloud, drawing thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the crowd.

Associated Press reports the “revival-like atmosphere” continued when graduate Megan Chapman shared during her opening remarks that God had guided her since childhood. Chapman, who said the challenge by the ACLU unified the entire senior class, was interrupted several times by cheering as she urged her classmates to trust in God as they go through life, says the report.

“More glory went to God because of something like that than if I had just simply said a prayer like I was supposed to,” she said.

What the Enemy is Doing

Beheading Christian schoolgirls.

Jakarta – Seven suspected Islamic terrorists have confessed to beheading three Christian schoolgirls on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, police said on Wednesday.

The seven detained suspects confessed under questioning that they planned and carried out the October 29 beheadings in the Sulawesi town of Poso, police chief Lieutenant Colonel Rudi Sufahriadi told The Associated Press.

Another girl was wounded but spared by the assailants, he said.

Two of the suspects also say they have ties to Noordin Top, regarded as a key leader of the al-Qaeda-linked group Jemaah Islamiyah, according to Central Sulawesi police chief Brigadier General Oegroseno.

* Via Michelle Malkin

Peter Jenning's Faith

CharismaNow offers some insight into the faith of Peter Jennings before he died earlier this week of lung cancer.

TV anchor Peter Jennings “was very interested in the Bible, very interested in the things of God,” according to the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham. Anne Graham Lotz said she didn’t know the longtime host of ABC’s “World News Tonight,” but she knows people who were in a Bible study with Jennings, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Lotz said Jennings was a man of great and varied accomplishments, the AP reported. But she believes that if you could ask him today, “What was the most important thing you ever did? – it would have to be a decision that he made, or didn’t make, about Jesus Christ.”

In 2000, Jennings hosted an ABC special titled “The Search for Jesus.” In an interview then, Jennings was asked if he had found Jesus. He responded that he had found out a lot about Him.

In an interview he did with Beliefnet shortly before the airing of the special, Jennings said: “I have gone through a subsequent period of seeking to understand what or how strong or what are the connections I have to God. So I’ve spent some time with other men who have tried to understand that about their own lives. I’ve spent a little more time in Bible study … I’ve sought to go out and find the value of this in other people’s lives.”

Cookie Grinches Aftermath

The cookie grinches still don’t get it.

I wrote about the problems facing Taylor Ostergaard and Lindsey Jo Zellitti here and how a radio station came to their aid here. According to an Associated Press story, the girls will pick up a check today from Denver radio station KOA to pay their legal costs.

Wanda and Herb Young are not pleased:

“We have got horrendous phone calls, tons of hate mail, threats to our life,” said Herb Young in a telephone interview Thursday.

Are the Youngs apologetic, repentant about dragging two teenage girls to court to pay their medical bills? Of course not; the Youngs blame the girls for not keeping their mouth shut about being sued in public court:

“It’s horrible, nobody has heard our side,” said Herb Young, adding the couple has had to hire a lawyer. “I don’t believe the girls meant for this to happen. But they could have prevented it from happening if they had just shut their mouths when they came out of (small claims) court. Now they are caught in something they can’t control.”

The Youngs say they enlisted clergy to help settle the dispute before dragging the girls to court, something I find difficult to believe. The girls say they offered to pay the medical expenses, which the Youngs refused, then sued and simply got the medical expenses anyway.

Here’s some unsolicited advice for Herb and Wanita Young:

  1. Find new clergy, the kind that tell you to forgive and forget. What kind of church advised you to sue two teenage girls trying to give you a cookie?
  2. If you felt strongly that the girls should pay the medical expenses, you should have accepted their settlement offer instead of trying to sue for more.
  3. Ever hear of “picking on somebody your own size?” You’re not gaining any national sympathy because you sued two teenage girls delivering cookies decorated with a big pink heart.
  4. The girls are not “caught in something they can’t control.” You are. The girls are being rewarded for their kindness.
  5. When you say, “But they could have prevented it from happening if they had just shut their mouths when they came out of (small claims) court,” you’re not going to win any brownie points, either. You sued them in public court, available for the public to see. You could have prevented it by accepting their kind offer to repay your medical expenses, something most people don’t feel the girls are responsible for.
  6. Calling one of the girls’ father and threatening that the gloves are coming off ain’t gonna win you any points, either. That’s why there is a restraining order against you.

Kerry is Proposing a Draft?

According to an Associated Press story, John Kerry says that a “military draft could be reinstated if voters re-elect President Bush.”

Then he immediately flip flops and says Kerry would not bring back the draft.

I suppose he’s trying to do that fear-monger thing, making people think George Bush would reinstate the draft, but George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have made it perfectly clear that a draft is unnecessary nor desireable. The biggest problem is that a draft is 2 years and it takes almost that long to train troops. A volunteer, longer term armed forces is working much better.

So is congress proposing a draft? Actually, some are – and it’s the Democrats that are proposing it!

S.89 was introduced by DEMOCRAT Senator Fritz Hollings of South Carolina.

H.R. 163 was introduced by DEMOCRAT Representative Charles Rangel of New York.

So I think Kerry is proposing that John Kerry will personally propose a draft if George Bush wins. That’s the only non-flip-flop answer I can come up with.