Liberal Bias and Sandy Berger

New York Times: Buries the story at the bottom of page A16. If you can’t find the story, maybe it doesn’t exist.


Berger and one of his lawyers said he inadvertently removed copies of a classified memo and his handwritten notes on the material he reviewed, but immediately returned them when he was told by the Archives the documents were missing.

“I immediately returned everything I had, except for a few documents that apparently I had accidentally discarded,” Berger said in a statement.

Heh. “Inadvertent.” Mr. Berger, what’s that in your hand? No, the other hand. Stop playing games, Mr. Berger. Show me both hands.

Or, “I inadvertently slept with that woman, Ms. Lewinski.” Hey, that excuse works for everything.

The documents that are missing are handwritten notes about how Clinton handled terrorism threats between December 1999 and the end of his term. We certainly wouldn’t want *that* to contradict public testimony, would we, Mr. Berger?

Fox News:

He apparently was seen stuffing classified documents into his pants and his coat, according to some newspaper reports.

However, some drafts of a sensitive after-action report on the Clinton administration’s handling of Al Qaeda terror threats during the December 1999 millennium celebration are still missing, officials and lawyers told The Associated Press.

I can see how you could inadvertently stuff things into your pants and forget they were there. In fact, I went grocery shopping last night and…. whoa! A rhutabega! How did *that* get in there?

Senator's Plane Crash

The Associated Press reports that New York junior Senator Hillary Clinton narrowly escaped injury in the aircraft that she was piloting when she was forced to make an emergency landing in Southern Texas because of bad weather. National Transportation Safety Board officials have issued a preliminary determination that pilot error contributed to the accident, and that the senator was flying in IFR conditions while only having obtained a VFR, single engine land rating. The absence of a post crash fire was likely due to insufficient fuel on board. No one on the ground was injured. Pictures taken at the scene show the extent of damage to Senator Clinton’s aircraft.
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Coalition of the Wild-Eyed

New Video at George Bush’s Campaign Headquarters, Coalition of the Wild-Eyed, makes the point that George Bush is steady leadership. Wild-Eyed rants are shown by Al Gore, Howard Dean, Dick Gephardt, Michael Moore, and John Kerry. Clips from the left-wing that compare Bush to Hitler are included. Democrats are expected to see how silly they are behaving, and return to having a civil and positive discourse on the future of our great country. Shortly after that, pigs should start flying.

No, seriously, I don’t expect them to change their ways at all. Sure would be nice if they did, though.

The Associated Press thinks the video makes the Democrats look like it’s “filled with rage and perhaps a bit kooky.” Hmmm…. yup, that exactly the way they look to me.

Breaking News: Kerry Makes Senate Appearance

That’s funny; when Kerry appears in the Senate, it makes news.

Of 132 votes in the Senate this year, Kerry has voted just 14 times, according to an Associated Press tally. Massachusetts Republican Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey last week called on Kerry to resign from the Senate because he’s missed so many votes, but Kerry said he’s serving his constituents well by running for president.

Isn’t he being paid to vote on behalf of Massachusetts? “Serving his constituents well” should include showing up for that infamous vote for extending unemployment benefits that he says he’s for – yet the vote failed 59-40. It needed 60 votes, and Kerry was a no-show. According to the Massachusetts governor, that cost the state $75 million. If that’s serving his constituents well, I can hardly wait to see what Kerry has planned to serve America well.

More Jobs, More Jobs, More Jobs

From the Associated Press

WASHINGTON – U.S. employers hired almost a quarter-million new workers in May, swelling payrolls by nearly 1.2 million for the year so far in a jobs market steadily gaining steam ahead of November’s presidential election.

Hmm… 1.2 million, divided by 5 months so far this year… 240,000 jobs per month being created. The economy’s looking pretty good. The Fed’s probably going to raise interest rates later this month, I hope I’m not too late to refinance my house.

From John Kerry’s website –

John Kerry is unveiling a comprehensive economic agenda that will unleash the productive potential of America’s economy to help it create 10 million jobs in his first term as President.

Hmm… 10 million, divided by 4 years, divided by 12 months… only 208,333 new jobs per month. Hmm… John Kerry wants to slow down the rate of job creation in the US.

Well…. if he gets his way and raises taxes, perhaps he’ll get his way.

Which one of you was Mom again? I forget.

This is the type of story that makes me wonder whatever happened to that comfortable nuclear nucular nuclear family. Ward and June never discussed issues like this.

SAN FRANCISCO – A woman has no parental rights over the twins she was raising with her lesbian partner – even though she is the children’s genetic mother, an appeals court ruled.

Upholding a lower court ruling, the 1st District Court of Appeal decided only the woman’s partner – who gave birth to the twins after artificial insemination with eggs provided by her lover – has full parental rights.

The court said though the genetic mother was a loving, at-home parent, “functioning as a parent does not bestow legal status as a parent.”

“An adoption decree would provide objective, formalized proof of the parties’ parentage intentions,” the court said.

The case is expected to be appealed to the California Supreme Court, but underscores that laws dealing with parental rights for gay or lesbian couples are largely unmapped territory.

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Source: Associated Press