Rob from the Rich, Stiff the Poor, Too

I stared writing about “Joe the Plumber” yesterday based on a story at the New York Post. Little did I know how huge the story was about to become. John McCain launched Joe the Plumber into the national spotlight during last night’s debate.

My post was going to be about how Obama’s strategy results in everybody getting poorer. While the poor may vote for a policy that takes from the rich, they delude themselves if they think they’ll get any of it. The US Government will absorb it all and then some. It’s like a monstrous black hole.

Anyway, life got in the way, and I abandoned the post, but today, Joe is headlines. American people do not like socialism, and Obama’s “spread the wealth around” rubs people the wrong way.

Drudgereport is now reporting that Gallup now shows McCain within 2 points among likely voters (by which I assume voters not recruited by ACORN). That’s quite a jump; perhaps the nervousness about Obama’s comments (along with the William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright associations) are giving McCain some momentum.

But the response by the Democrats and the mainstream media is atrocious. Biden questioned whether Joe the Plumber really was a plumber, saying he made too much money to be a blue collar worker, and reports now show that Joe is behind on taxes and doesn’t have a plumber’s license to work in his county.

Joe’s learning the hard way that questioning the Chosen One has repercussions. Is this a foreboding indication of things to come if the Chosen One is elected?

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John Kerry Flips on U.N. Position?

In April, John Kerry said:

That is why, for the long term, our third step we must remove the “Made in America” label from the Iraqi occupation.

We can do that by creating an international mission authorized by the United Nations. That mission should become the main civilian partner in helping the Iraqi people hold elections, restore government services and rebuild their economy. This would make it possible to attract needed financial help from other nations, and show that Iraqi extremists are opposing not just the United States, but also the will of the nations of the world.

I’ve always been against this statement – the reason for the war was because the President said that Iraq was a threat to the U.S. We do not need to go groveling to that anti-semitic United Nations and beg for permission to protect ourselves.

But now there’s evidence in the New York Post today that the corrupt Oil-for-Food scandal, besides lining the pockets of French officials and United Nations pestocrats and Kofi Annan’s son that Saddam squirrelled away $10.1 billion that’s now being paid to fund the terrorists against US forces and the new Iraqi government.

Let’s check out John Kerry’s “A Strategy for Success in Iraq.” Hmm… that’s odd. He doesn’t mention the United Nations anymore. Huh.

Whoopi Learns Something New

Whoopi the Loser
Whoopi learns a lesson about Cause and Effect.

Background: Kerry skips an intelligence briefing so he can do an interview with Larry King and then attend a $25,000 a plate fundraiser.

Cause: At the fundraiser, Whoopi made crude, juvenile remarks; the New York Post said “she fired off a stream of vulgar sexual wordplays on Bush’s name in a riff about female genitalia.” John Kerry said the entertainer’s remarks “conveyed… the heart and soul of our country.”

Effect: Slim-Fast dumps Whoopi as a spokesperson. Slim-Fast regrets that Whoopi’s remarks offended some customers.

A spokesperson for Whoopi Goldberg had a fit when they realized all the advertising dollars they just lost declined immediate comment.

First noted at Pardon My English.