Rob from the Rich, Stiff the Poor, Too

I stared writing about “Joe the Plumber” yesterday based on a story at the New York Post. Little did I know how huge the story was about to become. John McCain launched Joe the Plumber into the national spotlight during last night’s debate.

My post was going to be about how Obama’s strategy results in everybody getting poorer. While the poor may vote for a policy that takes from the rich, they delude themselves if they think they’ll get any of it. The US Government will absorb it all and then some. It’s like a monstrous black hole.

Anyway, life got in the way, and I abandoned the post, but today, Joe is headlines. American people do not like socialism, and Obama’s “spread the wealth around” rubs people the wrong way.

Drudgereport is now reporting that Gallup now shows McCain within 2 points among likely voters (by which I assume voters not recruited by ACORN). That’s quite a jump; perhaps the nervousness about Obama’s comments (along with the William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright associations) are giving McCain some momentum.

But the response by the Democrats and the mainstream media is atrocious. Biden questioned whether Joe the Plumber really was a plumber, saying he made too much money to be a blue collar worker, and reports now show that Joe is behind on taxes and doesn’t have a plumber’s license to work in his county.

Joe’s learning the hard way that questioning the Chosen One has repercussions. Is this a foreboding indication of things to come if the Chosen One is elected?

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7 thoughts on “Rob from the Rich, Stiff the Poor, Too

  1. I think we should brace ourselves to hear the “racist” charge being made by the new gaggle of black pundits that have suddenly appeared from nowhere to be on the “unbiased” cable “news. Cough. I’ve never seen so many people playing the race card while pointing the finger and screaming “racist”. It seems the country has turned into the same hateful, race baiting hate fest found at the Huffington Post. If you don’t vote for Obama, you’re a racist . You aren’t allowed to disagree with his policies. You’re just racist. I can only imagine how much worse it will get.

    Obama vows to change the world and anybody that questions that are attacked by Americans who seem to have lost any sense of realism with this election. No one man is going to dig us out of this mess we’ve allowed to happen by sitting on our behinds and living the “me” life. He’s been built up to super human heights, the only thing he can do is slowly sink back towards earth. Of course, that will just be proof that white America is racist if he fails.

    If you think freedom of speech is limited now, just wait. I tried to believe in Obama but made the mistake of actually listening to what he was saying. He scares me with his “world vision” and thinking of Americans as “citizens of the world” who need his firm hand. Welfare and taxes got Democrats ousted for many years but they seem determined to head right back to the past. And that’s “progressive” thinking ? I call it failed social engineering that will fail again.


  2. The left have invaded Joe’s privacy,
    his tax files, voting record, divorce files and who knows what else. These are the same people that worry about the government “spying” on terrorists. What hypocrisy. Joe is right.


  3. […] Michael has a new post that makes the sad point: Joe’s learning the hard way that questioning the Chosen One has repercussions. Is this a foreboding indication of things to come if the Chosen One is elected? […]


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