Another Reason Not to Be a Democrat

Reason number 76372 not to belong to the Democratic Party:

They target a private citizen to silence him from using his constitutionally-protected first amendment right to free speech.

It’s ok to disagree with Rush Limbaugh. I happen to agree with much of what he says, and think he’s a positive influence. And if you disagree, that’s your opinion, too.

But government entities have no business harassing private citizens’ free speech. This must be part of the “change” Obama promised to inflict upon Americans.

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Limbaugh Ruling Inadvertently Overturns Roe v. Wade

Scrappleface satire via the lovely Miss Vox:

(2004-10-06) — Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeals inadvertently overturned the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade abortion ruling today when it denied Rush Limbaugh’s petition to protect his right of privacy regarding medical records.

A spokesman for the court said that by ruling Mr. Limbaugh had no right to privacy regarding medical records, it denied the central tenet of the 1972 Roe V. Wade ruling in which the Supreme Court found that the right to privacy protected a woman’s right to an abortion, at least for several months.

“On behalf of the 4th District Court of Appeals,” the unnamed spokesman said, “Oops.”

It Was a Fun Party Until I Knew Who Was Paying For It

Thanks to a Wizbang lead, I can answer SondraK’s recent question about why Air America was no longer on the air. SondraK? An Air America listener? Perhaps she takes Zantax afterwards.

Air America went on the air with great fanfare, throwing lavish parties and promising to uproot Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. The only problem appears to be that they don’t have any money, they ranted and raved against the very capitalists that they are now making sales pitches to. Air America’s days are over unless George Soros rides to the rescue – which he might, this is a perfect opportunity – and bails them out. I believe some liberal will float them a gift to get them through the election cycle since Air America would be able to get around McCain-Feingold campaign finance laws.

What happens after that? Air America looks like they might be selling off their assets (but not the liabilities) to a shell corporation that they also hold. I think that’s illegal, so we might be seeing some free Air America publicity as Air America executives plead innocent and blame the collapse on conservative activitists.

What caught my eye about the original article was the extravagant party Air America threw but didn’t follow up with actually paying the bills. Wizbang gets it spot-on:

Mr Visotcky gives us the defining quote of liberalism. “It was a fun party, until I knew I was paying for it,” as long as they can play with other people’s money their motto is “Party On!”

With one sentence, the Air America guest eloquently sums up everything I think is wrong with liberalism. “It was a fun party until I knew who was paying for it.”