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Another Reason Not to Be a Democrat

Reason number 76372 not to belong to the Democratic Party:

They target a private citizen to silence him from using his constitutionally-protected first amendment right to free speech.

It’s ok to disagree with Rush Limbaugh. I happen to agree with much of what he says, and think he’s a positive influence. And if you disagree, that’s your opinion, too.

But government entities have no business harassing private citizens’ free speech. This must be part of the “change” Obama promised to inflict upon Americans.

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8 responses to “Another Reason Not to Be a Democrat”

  1. would somehow fuel the loquacious shock jock’s ego by uttering a reply. Granted, Limbaugh, who describes himself as a “harmless, lovable little fuzz ball,” has thrust himself into the national spotlight as the bona fideAnother Reason Not to Be a Democrat- 03/06/2009 Reason number 76372 not to belong to the Democratic Party: They target a private citizen to silence him from using his constitutionally-protected first amendment right to free speech. It’s ok to disagree with Rush Limbaugh


  2. No doubt. Free speech only for left wingers. Speaking of the left, as I used my thesaurus widget today on “liberal” and “conservative” I was shocked at what I discovered. Just as I’m growing to despise wikipedia for its bias, even this seemingly innocuous widget is biased. Under “liberal” were glowing synonyms beginning with “tolerant,” “unprejudiced” and “unbigoted.” Nowhere was the word “Left-wing” or “leftist” or anything else one could consider derogatory. HOWEVER, under the word “conservative, it began with “right-wing” and “reactionary.” And on to other derogatory terms like “stick-in-the-mud” and “square.”


  3. Can you go back to blogging about things other than Obama/why you don’t like the left? I kind of enjoyed Chasing the Wind more when there was more variety to it. Feel like that’s all I see here anymore these days.


  4. Jennifer –

    Whoa, I checked your source. “Liberalism” says “Liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity.” But that’s center of conservatism; the complaint from conservatives is that liberalism is leading to collectivism, the opposite of wikipedia’s definition.

    They need help in being objective if they can’t get this basic definition right.

    B, there’s more goodies coming, bear with me. It’s just that in the last 30 days, things I believe strongly in have suddenly been stripped away. It’s my duty to do what I can to espouse my beliefs in hope of persuading the undecided that our country suddenly took a hard turn in the wrong direction and help is needed to turn it back.

    But there’s a lesson from Isaiah 7 coming this weekend, so hang in there.


  5. Or maybe B can just go read another blog.


  6. Heh. No worries, Jennifer. I had sort of drifted off into a political bent. Faith drives my positions on politics. I forget sometimes people usually come here for the faith part alone. 😛


  7. @jennifer –

    That was hostile. I like reading what Michael has to say — what’s it to you if I’d like him to shake things up some for us?


  8. *you notice Michael hosing down the commenters*


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