Something Besides Obama

Ok, “B” asked me to talk about something besides the political landscape. I’ll try, but somehow just saying I’m not talking about it makes me want to talk about it.

There are a lot of topics that are a possibility. There’s the Study that sexually explicit lyrics lead to teen sex. I’m actually encouraged so many teens are still abstaining. It also leads me to question again whether sex education in our schools makes sense. Teaching them responsibility for their actions makes more sense to me.

The number of people in America that say they have no religion at all has doubled since 1990 to 15%. Where should the blame lie? Media? Education? Government?

Illegal immigrants looking for work are causing traffic accidents in front of Home Depot. They admit they are in the country illegally. Seems to me a simple solution would be to call INS and say, “hey, there are a bunch of illegal immigrants here.” Our US government is responsibile for protecting our borders. Why don’t they do their job?

What do you want to talk about?

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2 thoughts on “Something Besides Obama”

  1. Hey, I love ya, man! I was just hoping for a change of pace.

    Of course, being the anonymous commenter who isn’t even bold enough to use his (or her) full name, I’m certainly not man (or woman) enough to actually pick a topic. But hey, those all sound good.

    Or, if you’d care to help me put together an answer for a coworker, I was asked today what the “Christian response” is to how widespread MP3 piracy is. Seems a leader in his kid’s youth group gave out pirated CDs as prizes for a game, and he didn’t know what to say about it. Neither do I, yet, other than it’s, uh, wrong. Want to help my morality?


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