A Separate Morality

Today, Republican candidate Jack Ryan dropped out of the race for Senator in Illinois after allegations surfaced that he pressured his wife Jeri Ryan (yes, that Jeri Ryan who played Two of Two Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager) into having sex with him in front of strangers.

I can’t help but noticing another story in the news today, from Monica Lewinsky who feels Bill “Where are My Pants” Clinton lied about her in his recent book. Monica says they had a “relationship” that lasted for months, but Clinton barely mentions her on page 773 of the 957 page book as an “innappropriate encounter.” Slick Willie, though, fought tooth and nail to stay in office not only for having extramarital affairs while in the Oval Office, but then lying about it under oath and committing perjury. Clinton says fighting the impeachment for perjury was a “badge of honor”.

So, on one hand a Democrat commits adultery, perjury, then fights to stay in office. On the other hand, a Republican suggests something kinky with his wife but doesn’t actually do anything and steps down from running for office.

If Clinton’s transgressions weren’t severe enough for him to step down, why was Ryan’s suggestion to his wife so bad? Is there a double standard here, or am I not understanding the seriousness of the charge against Ryan?

The Path Less Taken

Why do people come to Chasing the Wind? What answers are they seeking? What pheromone drives them buggy? What carrot moves their donkey?

The first answer is simple – apparently, I’m a virtual babe magnet. I’m attracting women bloggers like buttered toast attracts cats. I dunno why, though I suspect it’s the pretty colors. So subdued, it’s like getting a massage for your eyes after visiting other stark black-n-white or aggressively multicolored websites. Perhaps it’s the fact that not *once* have I discussed automobile repair on this manly site (well, I did once mention automobile transmissions, but just in passing, not in a tool-guy sort of way, so that doesn’t count.) Perhaps it’s because my dog protects me from farts.

It can’t be that single-guy-raising-a-kid-by-himself thing. That’s too cliche, like a bad Ben Affleck movie. Whatever it is, most of the first visitors to this site were women. Friends and family may be shocked to learn that I’m happily cross-linking to several women simultaneously. Hello to Uptown Girl (my first!), Lisa, Beth, Courtney, HunnyB, Rachel (who hasn’t technically linked me, though she did email me today) and especially the talented Miss Vox who was kind enough to send me some chocolate today.

The other way I can find out why visitors are coming here is that – surprise! Most people don’t know that most websites are able to get the results of your search engine query. So I know *exactly* what phrase people searched for before ending up here. Here are this week’s winners:

  • “Chasing the Wind Movie”  I’m a movie? I had no idea… ah, I *am* a movie, and I’m all about storm chasing and tornadoes, and I originally aired on PBS. I never knew that.
  • “Kingdom of Loathing”  That’s one funny game, but I’m a dead-end if you’re looking for information on it. I’m currently playing a Pastamancer: With his mastery of the arcane secrets of Noodlecraft, the Pastamancer is a force to be reckoned with. He relies on his Magicalness to get ahead in the world.
  • “lonely man suspensory”  Besides being a pastamancer, I’m the official repository of Spam Poetry.
  • “Star Trek Enterprise”  Pastamancer from Spaaaaace! no, seriously, this it the one tv show I watch. I’m only vaguely aware that there are other tv shows, like American Idol and Survivor. But they don’t have season finales that include Alien Nazis in San Francisco like Star Trek: Enterprise did. Really. I’m not kidding.
  • “Backgroung music and blogs”  Haha, some dufus misspelled “background” as “backgroung”. Hahaha, what a loozer…. oh wait, I did too. Dang it.

So tell me – why are you visiting “Chasing the Wind?”

William Shatner on Enterprise?

Source: SciFiPulse

Looking ahead to what we can all now confidently say is going to be Star Trek Enterprise’s fourth season. Berman confirmed that he had indeed been in talks with William Shatner about a guest starring role in Enterprise, and is hoping to fit a William Shatner Guest appearance into Enterprise’s 4th season.

This would be odd. Enterprise is set 150 years before James T. Kirk.

UPN: Enterprise Lives!

Source: SciFi.com

UPN renewed its ratings-challenged Star Trek: Enterprise for a fourth season, though it’s likely to move to Fridays from Wednesdays next season, Variety reported. UPN is expected to make the formal announcement as part of its prime-time schedule in its “upfront” presentation to advertisers on May 20.

Wo0t! This is the only television show I watch – at least with any regularity – and I’m very happy it’s returning for a 4th season.

The 1st 2 seasons were sort of mediocre goody-goody traipse around the universe story, but this year has had a great on-going story line, full of excellent personality conflict, questionable decisions, and lumpy-headed aliens. Good stuff. Tonight is the next-to-last episode for this season.


Up late again. Same reason. This morning I’m driving to work, listening to a country music love song. I cried like a baby. I gotta listen to something else. Maybe go back to listening to talk radio. No, wait – politician talk about raising my taxes on talk radio. That makes me cry like a baby, too, but in a bad way. I won’t stay up late tonight, it’s Pizza & Star Trek night. Carbs make me sleepy. I’ll have a Shiner Bock to make sure I’m sleepy.