It’s my Friday off, but I’m at work. Something is seriously wrong with me.

One of the bosses walked by and made a comment to a co-worker about his blue jeans. “That’s not according to the dress code.” We’re supposed to be business casual, but on Fridays off most of the building is empty. Most of us are here giving up our free time to catch up on work.

I’m in blue jeans, too. Go ahead, tell me I’m violating dress code. I’ll happily go home. 🙂

The weekend plans are shaping up nicely. I’m headed out to the Woodlands to have lunch with John (Hayden’s grandfather). Since we’re both off work today and it’s a hour drive, I expect to be gone for some time. Probably won’t get back home until 4’ish. Then an early dinner with Diane and a couple of friends, Paul & Vania.

Saturday morning I promised Diane I’d take her to IHOP for breakfast. I think she’s forgotten so sshhhh it’s a surprise. 😛 That’ll fill me up for most of the day, so I’ll skip lunch and I hope to hit the gym in the afternoon.

Alex will come home to tell me all about some big decisions he’s making lately, then staying for dinner. Dinner will be pizza because it’s Star Trek night. Wo0t! Diane, Alex, Sean, Carmen and their daughter, Patch and Bella, pizza, Star Trek, and commotion. My kind of night. 🙂

Sunday morning, we’re considering an 8:15am bible study, though the time is sort of scary. I get used to being at work at 7:15am every day, but that’s not a weekend. I think there’s a good chance we’ll try it, though.

Sunday afternoon is a church singles Superbowl party. I think I’ll root for the Eagles, mostly because I flew through Philadelphia last week. Is there a better reason to root for a team.

I think Monday morning I’m going to be tired. 🙂

To Boldly Go… Look, It's Really Gone Now

Star Trek: Enterprise is cancelled.

The writing was dramatically improved this year, but it’s too late. Viewership started at 13 million a week the first year, but now it’s down to 2.9 million.

The series was cancelled early enough to write a series finale, scheduled for May 13.

I’ve been watching Star Trek episode with Sean & Carmen since 1987 when Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered. We added my son Alex, then added Sean’s daughter. My son grew up with pizza and Star Trek on Friday nights; he’s now grown and off at college.

It’s the only television show I watch. What am I going to watch now?

Defend Yourself Against Hobbits

If only trees had USB ports, I'd enjoy spending time in nature. I’m having a weird feeling dizzy feeling. For my brother-in-law, I found a geeky gift. I want to turn him into a true geek someday so our bonding will be complete, but he’s not there yet. He’s too intellectual still and can recite poems and Homer’s Iliad by heart. Stop it; let me find you an enticing gadget so your brain turns to jelly just like mine.

For Christmas this year, I gave him a Swiss Army knife with a USB port. Very geeky; before I mailed it I was already gleefully rubbing my hands together in anticipation of this next step of his geekdom. And then I read this Backfence article by James Lileks:

My wife gave me a Swiss Army Knife USB Flash Memory stick. Looks like a tiny Swiss Army Knife, but instead of a blade it has 128MB of memory. Yes, I know: very useful for those times when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard with a can of beans but no opener. “Hey, I have a Swiss Army Knife with 128MB of memory! If I could get to a nearby village, I could download some bean recipes!” True, but we still couldn’t open the can. Unless you also got a can opener. “I could download some Web sites that sell can openers! Compare prices! Get the best deal!”

Not that useful, in Swiss Army Knife terms. But this was not a silly gift; I’d loudly hinted that it would be a great gift idea. Why not? It also came with a small knife, in case you needed to defend yourself against hobbits, and a toothpick. Very geeky. Very cool. It worked for a day, then it died, my data still clutched in its cold Swiss hand.

Defend youself against hobbits? In a odd twist, my sister (his wife), gave me the extended edition of the third installment of the Lord of the Rings. So while I am being attacked by the hobbits, my brother-in-law has the defensive weapon. I’m doomed.

In completely unrelated news, every 5 or 10 minutes at work I hear this weird buzzing noise. It sounds like that high pitched insect noise from the old Star Trek series (episode 68, “Wink of an Eye,” in case any geeks are reading this). I can’t seem to locate it, and I wonder if my brain has a short.

There. There it is again. Bzzzz.

See BS Snooze: Bogus Draft Story

CBS tries to float another bogus story Tuesday night, this time about a woman who fears her son is going to be drafted, just days after John Kerry says that it is “possible” George Bush will institute a draft. Dan Rather implied that the woman was just an average voter who normally votes for Bush but would vote for “Howdy Doody” if he was against the draft.

I guess that’s John Kerry’s new code name. “Howdy Doody.” CBS completely left out the part that the woman was an activist, head of the Pennsylvania People Against the Draft.

Nor did they mention that the only people proposing legislation for a draft are Democrats, something I mentioned over a week ago.

It’s shoddy journalism at it’s worst. They based the entire news story on, of all things, an email being passed around. debunked that months ago.

I guess next CBS will try to convince us that Bill Gates will give you $250 for every person you warn about the draft via email. And give you a Niemen Marcus cookie, too.

This looks like a) the Democratic National Committee (Rangal and Hollings) introducing draft legislation, b) John Kerry suggesting that Bush somehow is behind it, and c) CBS piling on to scare people that if Bush stays in office, you and your child will be drafted. And you won’t get a cookie, either.

Look, I’m an engineer, not a journalist. (Dang it, I sounded like Dr. McCoy of Star Trek when I said that.) But even a non-journalist like me can spend 10 minutes to write a better story than this fearmongering CBS crud. You know where I would start with my story?

I’d start with the ending of the last draft. Republican Richard Nixon abolished the draft in 1973. Illinois congressman Donald Rumsfeld (Yes! that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld!) introduced the legislation for the all-volunteer military.

Once in office in 1969, Nixon found he had made a campaign promise opposed by much of the top military brass, many of his supporters in Congress and his two top military-oriented appointees, national security advisor, Henry Kissinger, and defense secretary, Mel Laird. A very vocal volunteer force supporter was a young congressman from Illinois, Don Rumsfeld, who introduced legislation supporting the proposal; and while Senate and House hearings were held on his bill, nothing happened. Rumsfeld later joined the Nixon staff.

Donald Rumsfeld has been a vocal supporter of an all-volunteer military force for over 30 years. If I can do that kind of research on my lunch hour, why can’t CBS?

Orion Slave Girls

Star Trek: Enterprise is almost here; the season premier is October 8. Sometime this season, they’ll reintroduce the Orion slave girls from Captain Kirk’s time.

The race was first introduced in the pilot episode of the original Star Trek series, “The Cage,” and memorably reprised by Yvonne Craig in the later episode “Whom Gods Destroy.” Luther said that her character is reminiscent of the Orion slave girls of the past. “[The producers] wanted the original feel to my character,” Luther said. “That kind of animalistic, predatory nature. I feed off of men.”

Ah, memories. It’ll be just like dating again.

Orion Slave Girl Bobbie Sue Luther

Bobbi Sue Luther will play the part of the Orion slave girl. Sean, we’ll watch this episode at my place if Carmen is busy that night. 😛

The Only Thing We Have to Fear

The Bleat is some excellent daily wirting… er, writing… see? that’s why I’ll never be famous. I need an editor.

He only wirtes.. writes a single article a day, but each one makes an impact. His family, his daily living, his family values. He even makes music with sound mixers and Star Trek clips.

Today’s article is fabulous – he ends with:

Right now I have a browser window open to Fark, and a T-shirt ad shows Bush’s face with the logo “American Psycho.” What else do you need to know? As Teddy Kennedy said in his convention speech: “The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush.” It’s really quite simple, isn’t it? We live in a manufactured climate of fear ginned up by war-crazed neocon overlords. There is no threat. The only thing we have to fear is Bush, who sits as we speak in the Oval Office sucking the marrow from Whoopi’s shin-bones.

If so, I wonder why anyone agreed to the stringent security policies that characterize this year’s conventions. Why the bomb-sniffing dogs? Why the snipers? Why the metal detectors, the invasive inspection of bags? Is it all an elaborate defense against Bush crashing the party and setting off a bomb belt, shouting God is Great, y’all!

No, they’re fearful of something else.

Damned if I know what, though. Damned if I know.