Which one of you was Mom again? I forget.

This is the type of story that makes me wonder whatever happened to that comfortable nuclear nucular nuclear family. Ward and June never discussed issues like this.

SAN FRANCISCO – A woman has no parental rights over the twins she was raising with her lesbian partner – even though she is the children’s genetic mother, an appeals court ruled.

Upholding a lower court ruling, the 1st District Court of Appeal decided only the woman’s partner – who gave birth to the twins after artificial insemination with eggs provided by her lover – has full parental rights.

The court said though the genetic mother was a loving, at-home parent, “functioning as a parent does not bestow legal status as a parent.”

“An adoption decree would provide objective, formalized proof of the parties’ parentage intentions,” the court said.

The case is expected to be appealed to the California Supreme Court, but underscores that laws dealing with parental rights for gay or lesbian couples are largely unmapped territory.

Rest of the story is here:
Source: Associated Press

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