Breaking News: Kerry Makes Senate Appearance

That’s funny; when Kerry appears in the Senate, it makes news.

Of 132 votes in the Senate this year, Kerry has voted just 14 times, according to an Associated Press tally. Massachusetts Republican Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey last week called on Kerry to resign from the Senate because he’s missed so many votes, but Kerry said he’s serving his constituents well by running for president.

Isn’t he being paid to vote on behalf of Massachusetts? “Serving his constituents well” should include showing up for that infamous vote for extending unemployment benefits that he says he’s for – yet the vote failed 59-40. It needed 60 votes, and Kerry was a no-show. According to the Massachusetts governor, that cost the state $75 million. If that’s serving his constituents well, I can hardly wait to see what Kerry has planned to serve America well.

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