Firefly – I'm Out $391

Jo at Spin the Moon told me to order the Firefly DVD; she said if I didn’t like it, she’d buy them from me.

Since a lightning strike a few weeks earlier took out my DVD player, I bought a new one at the same time from Amazon. This one is also a DVD recorder so I can plug my old skydiving VHS in and record them onto DVD. Since I was in an ordering mood, I also bought a couple of CD’s from Claude Bolling and Jean Rampal, “Suites for Flute and Jazz Piano,” and a couple of Stephen King novels and a scifi paperback, “Hominids.” The total came to $391. If I didn’t like Firefly, Jo was going to be out a lot of money.

Dang it, it was excellent. Now I know what a real space western is. My son & I watched the 2 hour premier and the next episode; we’re going to watch 2 hours of Firefly each night this week so we can see all the episodes before he goes to college.


4 thoughts on “Firefly – I'm Out $391

  1. Bwahahahaha…mine is an evil laugh.
    Told ya so. I haven’t had to pay up yet. Make sure after you’ve seen the episodes that you go back and watch the commentaries. Normally I hate commentaries, but these were actually worth listening to.
    Keep flyin’…


  2. I’m not a browncoat. I’ve only watched the 1st 2 episodes. 😛

    I found a kludge that seems to have fixed the comments for now. I’m waiting on an update from the WordPress folk to fix it permanently.


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