So Quiet You Can Hear a Pin Drop

I’m not my usual vocal self. It’s not that I don’t have things to say, it’s just that I don’t have much time to say it. I’m working a lot of overtime – yay, that’s a good thing, I think I paid for my son’s room and board in the last month alone. The O.T. is going to last until late September, I think. Some people love overtime, others abhor it – I’m neither. In fact, I’m grateful I get paid for overtime instead of working this for free. But I especially like the fact I know when the overtime ends and I get back to having too much play time.

The technical issues with comments are temporarily fixed, but there seems to be a problem with… cookies or something. The blue swirlies keep disappearing. There’s a WordPress nightly update ready, I’ll see if that fixes these glitches.

There’s not much political going on; Kerry’s not going to make much noise until after the Olympics and the Republican convention. I expect a bing swing in support over to Bush over the next month; the SwiftVets story will get some air time, and I expect Bush to get a bigger convention bounce than Kerry did.

I’m not watching the Olympics, and I feel a vague sense of guilt that I ought to be. I ought to be patriotic and watch it and put money in some advertiser’s pocket, I suppose. Instead, after my extended work day I head home and fire up the DVD player to watch “Firefly”. My son and I are spending 2 hours a night watching it; we have to finish by the weekend. Monday I’ll take a day off work and drive with him up to the college campus.

In the meantime, I promise to blurb when I can, anytime I have a brain hiccup and feel the need to share something new.


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