Workout Slippers

Last night’s workout was cancelled due to equipment failure.

I had been using my tennis shoes, but over the weekend decided to get my old racquetball shoes out of the closet to use as my gym sneaks. I put them into the gym bag and headed to work.

After work at the gym, I started pulling on my gym shoes… and the entire sole separated. In one hand I had this big rubber sole, and the other hand, er, foot, I had the remaining part. Sort of like gym slippers, except the bottom part was all sticky from the glue.

I contemplated my options –

  • Put my black dress shoes back on and work out anyway.
  • Workout in the gym slippers, but I didn’t have a lot of confidence they’d hold up, and I’d either have to go barefoot home or wear my dress shoes

Instead, I walked back to the car in the gym slippers, tossing the rubber soles in the trash on the way out.

I stuck to the pavement all the way to the car.

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