Sand in the Gears” has a good story this morning on faith and illness. It’s particularly close to home with Irv still in the hospital after congestive heart failure yesterday morning. Some excerpts:

It’s funny – a family has a way of forcing spiritual maturity on those capable of such a transformation, and this maturity is a precursor to courage, and yet family can make such cowards out of us.

If you believe that death is the absolute end of you, then you do well to fear it – more so than you will realize until that day. But many of us proclaim something very different, and yet look at how we arrange our lives. Nearly every waking thought is bent on either eliminating risk or cultivating distractions from it. We who believe in a Creator profess a dependence on Him, but we don’t behave as if it’s true.

Or maybe it’s closer to the truth to say that we know it’s true, and we hate it.

When we have no other hope, we face the possibility that His plan won’t be ours. Sometimes He lets worldly dreams go unrealized, and tragedies happen, and illnesses rage. To trust Him is to abandon your plans.

This is a hard thing to do. It is doubly hard when you have been wounded, and you know that He could have stopped the wounding.

There’s more, and I highly recommend you stop by and read him. He sums up Christian spiritual maturity very well.

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