Other Than That, Not Much Is New

I ran into some coworkers from my last project this morning while getting coffee. It had been, oh, 6 months since I’d last seen them.

“Hey Mike! It’s good to see you! What’s new?”

Not much really, thanks for asking. Oh, well, I am doing a complete remodelling of the downstairs in preparation for a reception I’m going to have there when I re-marry my ex-wife next month. Other than that, not much is new.

“Wow! Really? That’s fabulous news. Your son lives with you, too, right?”

Well, not at the moment. He’s at college but he’ll be home at the end of the month for a short visit before heading off to join the Army Reserves. Ok, other than *that* there’s nothing new.

“That’s incredible… didn’t you use to wear glasses?”

Oh. Well, I had Lasik a couple of months back. Now I have 20/10 vision, very sharp. Except for *that* there’s nothing new going on.

“And have you lost weight?”

Oh. Well, yeah, nearly 30 lbs. A radical plan of eating less and exercising. Except for *that* nothing has changed. Same old, same old.

“Good to see you again, Michael. Call us if anything new happens in your life. “

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