Anger at McCain over Judges

First off, let’s be clear about what happened yesterday. There was no “compromise.” The Republicans gave in, the Democrats won. Judicial nominees, by US Constitution, are nominimated by the President and the Senate is supposed to “advise and consent.” In other words, vote.

The “compromise” lets the Republicans vote on 3 judges, Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown, and Bill Pryor . Whoop-de-do, they’re supposed to do that anyway. In exchange, Henry Saad and William Myers were sacrificed to oblivion, not to be voted on. Pay attention here, this is key: I can live with judges being voted down, but that’s not what happened. These judges won’t get a vote at all. Ever.

In the future, Democrats promise not to fillibuster unless it’s “extraordinary,” as in, “Oh my goodness, that’s a right wing extremist! That’s extraordinary!” or “Gadzooks, it’s Wednesday! That’s extraordinary!”

John McCain was in the middle of this capitulation, all for the news glory he receives. Pfft. He sacrificed his Republican colleagues and in effect agreed to fillibuster with the Democrats. Hardly a “compromise.”

There’s a bazillion blogs and websites, uniformly critical of the surrender. Here’s a few:

At that point, I gave up. McCain turned on us, that’s all I’ll need to remember in 2008.

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