Al Qaeda Attacks

A flash presentation of all the attacks by Al Qaeda on westerners since they declared war.

The facts presented speak for themselves.

There have been 30 major mass casualty attacks directed against the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and North Osetia. 14 of the 30 attacks were conducted prior to the invasion of Iraq, making claims of the occupation of Iraq as a casus belli for al Qaeda’s terrorism to be disingenuous at best. 4,895 people have been killed in these attacks, and 12,345 plus have been wounded. The majority of the countries attacked are Muslim countries. And although not stated, the vast majority of the victims of al Qaeda’s violence are Muslims.

The ideologues, leaders and foot soldiers of al Qaeda have no reservations about slaughtering the innocent. The majority of their attacks have been directed against civilian infrastructure such as embassies, consulates, shipping, transportation, hotels, resorts, nightclubs, bars, synagogues, churches, temples, mosques, markets, housing complexes, office buildings and schools. Each of al Qaeda’s targets were purposefully selected and carefully timed to inflict mass casualties as well as to provide the maximum media exposure. The radical Islamists embrace Muslim casualties, as many are considered infidel for embracing Western culture and rejecting the “pure” Islam espoused by al Qaeda. This is an enemy that deserves no quarter.


One thought on “Al Qaeda Attacks

  1. Global Financial crisis: The new terrorism battleground?

    Here is an unsettling thought regarding the global financial turmoil that has suddenly befallen the entire world. When it comes to global banking and finance, coupled with the fact that international commerce and communication has resulted in enormous amounts of confidential data on individuals, banks, corporations, and even entire governments such as the United States, all stored in supposedly secure “cyber warehouses”, warehouses that either are, or could soon be vulnerable to Quantum computer attack, because our banks and financial institutions rely on conventional encryption systems that could be ripped open, not in billions of years, which traditional computers require, but rather months, weeks, or maybe even days, by quantum computer attack.

    Something similar to this has already happened once. During the Second World War, advances in encryption science and computer technology allowed the Allies to crack open supposedly secure military codes used by the Japanese and Germans. I fear the same thing may be happening right now. Only this time, it is the United States and Western European financial institutions that are being laid bare. The American public just hasn’t been told the horrible truth. Not yet anyway.

    Quantum computers are based on theoretical models involving multiple universes. This sounds far-fetched to the average person, but some of the best minds in science subscribe to this theory. In fact, simplified versions of quantum computers are in the development stage, right now. And when it comes to theoretical implications of quantum computer science, don’t make the mistake of assuming well-funded criminal organizations such as the Red Mafia and their Moslem terrorist allies, are incapable of developing more sophisticated applications. Much of modern Russia including former satellite countries such as Albania and Ukraine are now controlled by thousands of highly sophisticated mafia cells, that are top-heavy with engineers and Ph.D. scientists. Branches of this brutal crime cartel have long been in league with Muslim narco-terrorists in the Middle East and Asia; the Moslems may not be the “weak sister” in this unholy alliance, either. Militant Moslems have access to enormous wealth created by Arab oil, and some of the leaders of these fanatics are highly intelligent. One should remember Arabic numerals and the mathematical concept of zero were Moslem innovations. These advances took place decades ahead of anything Christian Europe was capable of doing. To translate this dismaying historical fact into the Twenty-first Century, I would point out that literally thousands and thousands of Moslems (including Arab, Turkic, Hindu, Pakistani, and Indonesian scientists and engineers) possess advance degrees in the fields of mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, and super conductors. Vast numbers of these people were educated in the United States — at enormous expense to the American taxpayer. The current financial quagmire that has suddenly befallen the Western world could be nothing more than the Red Mafia and its Moslem militant allies… hidden among this mass of Islamic scientists and engineers… saying to America and Western Europe, “Thank you!” in the name of cyber plundering and terrorism.

    My website touches on a plethora of problems such as plundering, exploitation, and human trafficking, created by narco-terrorism and its unholy alliance with the Red Mafia, from the militant Moslem viewpoint. For further detail, I suggest you read my current book The Pox of Mohammed which discusses this ongoing calamity from the organized crime viewpoint. Otherwise I am going to remain brief on this topic, because it touches on research I am conducting for my sequel historical fiction novel to The Pox of Mohammed.

    Suffice it to say, I believe the world-wide financial collapse we have witnessed, could be tied to much more than greed, recklessness, and stupidity on the part of international investment bankers, compounded by miserably incompetent and inadequate oversight by the Bush administration, as well several other western governments. Advances in cryptography and encryption science, may have allowed well-funded criminal-terrorist organization to crack open our secret financial systems. If this is the case, any and everything central banks and international financial markets try to do in the coming weeks, could be doomed to failure. —

    Regards, Dane Dahl
    Historian and Author of The Pox of Mohammed


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