A Liberal Education

In case you wondered if our children are being given an ultra-liberal education using your tax dollars, wonder no more. The National Education Association (NEA) – or as they’re known in Texas, the Texas Classroom Teachers Association (TCTA) – has called on Bush to withdraw from Iraq, give up on the Central American Free Trade Agreement, and debt cancel debt in underdeveloped countries. They also support the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union in their attempts to simultaeously unionize and boycott Wal-Mart, defeat Social Security reform, wring their hands about the dangers of fragrances, train teachers about indoor air quality, defeat the “so-called” No Child Left Behind Act, boycott Gallo wine, and discuss alternatives to using Latex, presumably on cucumbers.

* Via tips from Michelle Malkin and The Spoons Experience.

Update: More at She Who Will Be Obeyed.

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