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Mechanical Investing for August 2005

I’m a day late for trading. I started to review the mechanical trading stocks yesterday but my head wouldn’t cooperate. 😛

Investments improve yet again this month. I’m up 7.9% for the last weeks and up 1.0% for the year. The Dow is down 1.0% this year.

Holding for another month:

Ticker Bought Now Months Return  
BMHC $55.40 $82.65 3 +49.2% Building Materials Holding Corp. I sold off 20% of my shares, though, to keep the portfolio in balance.
KBH $75.20 $80.98 1 +7.7% KB Homes.

Selling these:

Ticker Bought Sold Months Return  
ADCT $21.66 $26.85 1 +24.0% ADC Telecommunications. Yay. 🙂
AQNT $17.78 $19.28 1 +8.4% aQuantive Inc.
CAE $44.24 $43.79 1 -1.7% Cascade Corp.
DENN $5.45 $5.8601 1 +7.5% Denny’s. Yumm. 🙂
FTO $31.62 $29.15 1 -7.8% Frontier Oil Corp. Yuck.
JWN $35.29 $36.87 1 +4.5% Nordstrom, Inc., the fashion store. JWN, of course, stands for “Nordstrom,” but using different letters.
LCAV $47.24 $46.52 2 -1.5% LCA Vision Inc. Gave back last month’s gains, pfft.
LUB $12.23 $14.65 1 +19.8% Luby’s. Yumm. 🙂
OO $16.87 $18.64 1 +10.5% Oakley Inc., the sunglasses manufacturer.
WLDA $12.43 $12.58 1 +1.2% World Airways, Inc. They have 12 airplanes!

New stocks for this month:

Ticker Bought Sold Months Return  
AN $21.84 $N/A 0 N/A% Autonation Inc. Is the used car market booming?
BZH $66.67 $N/A 0 N/A% Beazer Homes again.
CRUS $7.98 $N/A 0 N/A% Cirrus Logic Inc.
KELYA $29.73 $N/A 0 N/A% Kelly Services Inc.
MCK $45.66 $N/A 0 N/A% McKesson Corp. again, healthcare.
MDC $86.17 $N/A 0 N/A% MDC Holdings Inc., again.
MSTR $78.74 $N/A 0 N/A% MicroStrategy Inc.
NSIT $20.65 $N/A 0 N/A% Insight Enterprises Inc., an information services company.
RT $19.89 $N/A 0 N/A% Ryerson Tull Inc. Looks like a heavy trucking company.
RYL $82.01 $N/A 0 N/A% Ryland Homes. Home builders keep making a good return.

New options for this month:

Ticker Bought Sold Weeks Return
No new options until October.

The next trade will be August 29th.

Really.  I can handle it.

2 responses to “Mechanical Investing for August 2005”

  1. Um… no habla espaniol? I really ought to learn how to understand stock basics if my 401k is to do anything worthwhile.


  2. Once a month I trade stocks based on a series of formulas found on the Motley Fool’s Mechanical Investing Forum.

    For most people, buying an index fund that mimics the S&P 500 or the Russell 2000 is a less time-consuming way to participate in the stock market.


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