Earaches Are Funny

Except for that “pain” part. And the lack of sleep.

Leftover from Monday’s yuckiness was an earache. All the other symptoms faded except that. Laying down made my ear clog and throb. At first I thought I was hearing a washing machine running, except our washer doesn’t sound like that. Then I realized I was hearing my own pulse in my eardrums.

This morning’s shower was interesting – everything in my left ear sounds amplified yet muffled at the same time. Very loud muffling. When I showered, the drops hitting behind that ear sounded like rain on a tin roof. I want to tear my ear off.

I may not have to. Another sneeze like that last one, and my ear will come off by itself.

I was up at 3:oo a.m. researching the prescription I have for Zithromax Z-pak and whether it was effective against ear infections. I decided that it is.

C’mon, pharmacy. Open already.

10 thoughts on “Earaches Are Funny

  1. This will come in handy. Just tell your wife that you didn’t hear her when she told you to take out the trash.. “Darn ear infection!”. You can milk this.

    * Yours truly went to an audiologist just to prove that it was not my hearing, but her mumbling that caused me to ignore her. I had M3 along with me as a witness. “Mommy, doctor said that you mumble”. Bloody hell, that was a mistake, now I am assumed to hear everything. Huh? Go figure. How do I get an earache?


  2. I suspect that you infected me.
    I had to go to the doctor today.
    My throat is swollen.
    Thag you berry much.

    I’m still up for dinner – I think.


  3. I take full responsibility for this one. The doctor said I had a virus, but I didn’t realize it could be spread by computer.

    By the way, I think my doctor was wrong – this “virus” mysteriously got better when I started taking antibiotics. I’m starting to hate doctors.


  4. I was too sick to just be better one morning. Long story. And I’m going to stop telling doctors that I take allergy injections, because as soon as I do they stop the exam and tell me I’m just having allergy symptoms. Like I don’t know the difference.

    It will make it to my blog eventually, but suffice it to say that the first doctor gave me a handout along with her eye-rolling with a page of information on “why you just have a cold and shouldn’t be bothering me”. Only she must not have read page two, titled, “call your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms”…I had four of the ten listed.


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