17 thoughts on “My Name Is John Daker

  1. No sound at my daytime (work) computer, so I’ll have to continue later. So far, all I have is suspense! I want to see the puppet that John Daker is singing through. I mean, c’mon! The guy doesn’t even move his lips!


  2. Has anybody ever thought of putting together a “John Daker Conveys an Emotion” website, (see: “emotioneric.com”), using various screenshots of Daker? Because I noticed that you can pause it at any time during his “performance” and he seems to display a different emotion every time, even from frame to frame. You could have, “Happy,” and show the shot of him attempting a smile; “Surly,” which he appears to be at several points; “Scowling,” which he looks like he’s doing to somebody towards the end of “Amore”; etc. I think this would be teh funny.


  3. “Thats…. you’re in LLOOOVVE “(john daker eyebrow raise)

    How the hell did he have to confidence to try and improvise at that point? He had already severely screwed up and had been humming the previous verses!

    This guy is so weird. you wonder how he ends up opening the show. then he says his name when the song is supposed to start. did they rehearse this at all? I strongly doubt that he “nailed it” in the rehearsal. the guy doesnt know any of the words and they open the show with him. unbelievable. is the piano player drunk?

    i want to interview that guy. what the hell was he trying to do later in the show? lipsynch? he looked like ashlee simpson


  4. I remember taping this show when it originally aired in Peoria…my wife called me in and we frantically found and tape and pushed record…I haven’t seen his best segment though…he does a great Woody Woodpecker rendition…I’ll have to transfer it to digital and upload…


    • Greg, my friends and I would do anything to see/hear John Dakers stunning rendition of the Woody Woodpecker theme. We have searched the internet far and wide and your tag on this website seems to be our only hope for seeing this rare gem. Please let me know if you can help. My email is jirvin4@gmail.com. Thank you!


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