Baptizing Dead Babies

If you’re a proponent of abortion, one of the beliefs you must have is that no baby actually exists; at best, it’s a lump of tissue. I’ve heard many opinions on exactly when life begins, from conception to the first cell division to the first heartbeat to out-of-womb viability all the way to birth.

I’ll continue to maintain that I don’t know the answer, and I contend nobody else does, either. My position is that we have a fundamental responsibility to protect life, and if we don’t know for sure when it begins, then take the most conservative approach. If you can’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not life, then you can’t kill it.

Over the last years, I’ve seen some horrendous example of intellectually vapid opinions on the subject of abortion. Remember General Wesley Clark running for President in 2004? He opined that a woman had the right to abort her baby all the way up to the day it was born. “Life begins with the mother’s decision,” he said. One would hope that if contractions had begun and the mother’s water had broken that he’d consider that birth was inevitable, but Clark’s position was it’s still ok to abort it at that point.

Or how about John Kerry’s position, that he believed life began at conception, but it was ok to abort it anyway. Translated, “I know it’s life, but let’s kill it anyway.” Intellectually vapid because it doesn’t hold up under ethical scrutiny. If you’re going to support abortion, you must hold the belief that there’s no real life there.

Then last year, an abortion clinic got hopping mad when some nuns started burying the aborted babies from a nearby abortion clinic. If they do not believe it’s life, why are they mad? And if they *do* believe it’s life, why are they performing abortions?

Today, thanks to a tip at Lonestar Times, is this weblog from two abortion providers. This week they posted about their respect for life when it came to abortions. Would you believe they helped a woman baptize her baby after they aborted it?

many years ago i remember a patient telling me that she chose our clinic because she could tell that we respected her and knew that we would therefore respect the life within her. it was very important to her that she have trust in the clinic she chose because she felt that, given her life circumstances, returning her baby to god was the kindest, most maternal thing she could do for it. i assured her that her feeling was correct, that we in fact do all we can to honor the life that women are unable to continue and we encourage them to find their own way to make peace with the pregnancy (whether it be a baby or a “pre-baby” to them), figure out how to forgive themselves and also to continue working through any religious or spiritual issues if they have them. we show all patients the section of the clinic where the brochures and handouts are kept and encourage them to take all they want home with them. in addition to the independently produced brochures, there are the publications of RELIGIOUS COALITION FOR REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE and CATHOLICS FOR FREE CHOICE. a while back, we interviewed many priests, ministers and rabbis to determine how we might refer women for pastoral counseling or, if the women preferred, to share some of the messages of hope that we have collected from various clergy. we are glad to be able to pass on those messages of hope and love that come from god via his clergy from various religions.

our clinic is the kind of place where women can ask, as one did today, if we would bless and baptise her baby. i was able to do that for her. honoring her pregnancy as she herself chooses is part of what we hope to do for each woman. using water (she had planned to bring holy water with her but had at the last minute forgotten it) and saying the words i know from my catholic upbringing, i did as she asked. she had a name in mind for the baby, one that could work for either gender and i gave it that name.

we want to be a clinic that respects life, that honors women’s choices. the two are compatible. believe me!

If they have “respect for life,” to the point that they’re willing to baptize an aborted fetus, why the heck are they aborting it in the first place? It’s intellectually vapid, it’s horrendously unethical, and regardless of the title it’s an utter disrespect for life. If it’s life worth baptizing, then aborting it is no different than murder.

4 thoughts on “Baptizing Dead Babies

  1. That is absolutely mind boggling.

    I’m sure that the simple ‘baptism’ will in no way provide the comfort that the young mother wanted. If she had already come to the understanding that she was terminating a life she will battle with her decision for the rest of her life.

    I really can’t get my head around their belief that they are ending a life yet respecting life. I guess they need to perform such mental gymnastics to be able to continue what they’re doing but I still don’t understand how they could sleep at night.


  2. Well, it’s a bit disingenuous, but the writer never said it was his/her opinion that the aborted fetus was a life worth baptizing – rather, that they do whatever makes the woman feel better, and in this case it was baptizing. I think that’s terribly dishonest, and not particularly helpful. If a woman is choosing to abort and treating the abortion like a miscarriage, she’s obviously in a state of cognative dissonance and really isn’t facing up to the decision she’s made.

    What a sad story.


  3. This says a lot about the position of religion in our society, as well. That they believe using some water and saying “the words i know from my catholic upbringing” counts as a baptism and somehow negates the tragedy of the abortion shows how very far from that upbringing they, and the mother, are.

    So very, very sad.


  4. It’s not even close to respecting what the Catholic Church believes, so all they’ve done is stack blasphemy on top of murder and called it “good.”

    And the abortionists entitled their article, “respect for life” and concluded that as abortionists they “want to be a clinic that respects life.” Does not that then indicate that they thought it was life? Which begs the obvious conclusion – if they think it’s life, why are they killing it?


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