Religious Linkage for Monday

I kept waiting for Monday to let up; doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. So instead of thought-provoking commentary, here’s a couple of interrelated links:
10 reasons I’ve grown to despise the Left …and why you should, too

Yeah, I know it’s written in an inflammatory way, but look at the list, especially if you’re a left-winger. The reason the left is mostly losing elections the last several years is because it’s no longer just the right that has this view of the left. Especially look at #9 and #10 – are there anybody on the right that hates God and promotes deviant behavior? The left doesn’t just reject whatever the right believes in, but they reject anything the center believes in, too.

I’m providing just the simple list here, click on the link above to get the explanation and example for each reason.

  1. Thought control.
  2. Leftists hate what makes America great.
  3. Leftists are stupid.
  4. Leftists are liars.
  5. Leftists are thieves.
  6. Leftists have nothing but contempt for democratic institutions.
  7. Leftists are hypocrites.
  8. Leftists kill people.
  9. Leftists are tireless advocates of perversion and degeneracy in all its myriad forms.
  10. The left hates God.

* From a tip from Jesus Politics.

Bush evolution comment roils long-standing battle

Actually, all Bush said was, “You’re asking me whether or not people ought to be exposed to different ideas, the answer is yes,” when he was asked about Intelligent Design.

The part of the article I found most interesting though was this:

Religious revivals or awakenings have been a recurring theme throughout American politics, the first one dating even from before the founding of the Republic. Robert Fogel, the 1993 Nobel Prize winner in economics, identifies four “great awakenings,” the latest of which began in the 1960s.

Previous cycles have been divided into three phases. The cycle begins with a religious revival, followed by a period of rising political activism and accomplishment, and ending with a backlash as the movement overreaches. If Fogel’s theory is correct, the United States is currently in the second phase of its fourth great awakening.

Pundits Mull over Implications of Roberts’ Faith

Basically, “pundits” are wondering if you have any faith at all if you should have any place in government.

I’ve mentioned before that in the US Constitution it doesn’t call for a “separation” of church and state. It says the government can neither establish nor restrict a religion, though that’s not what courts have been doing since they ruled against school prayer in 1963. Here’s something else the U.S. Constitution says in Article 6:

[N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Will the lefties that hate God (forgot already, didn’t you? #10 on the list above) question John Roberts about his Catholic faith and then attempt to use that against him during the confirmation process?

6 thoughts on “Religious Linkage for Monday”

  1. The left only wants to apply a religious test if the candidate doesn’t support their views. They would not have suggested questioning Ginsberg’s faith – but they weren’t looking for a silver bullet to stop her confirmation.

    Religious convictions are fine with the left, as long as people don’t actually use them as a guide post in their lives. In other words, they want people to be as Christian as they are – to claim the faith but not actually live it.


  2. I read the detailed descriptions of the 10 reasons to despise Leftists. On the positive side, the descriptions articulated the religious right’s take on the world. As a Canadian, I am often mystified by the policies and stances of George Bush and his supporters. Now I have a better understanding of why they hold their views.

    On the negative side, I find these reasons mostly abhorrent and false. If I may, I would like to address them one at time.

    Leftists practice thought control. I find this accusation a bit rich. As a former evangelical Christian, I can tell you I have not found a more narrow and dogmatic group of people. The expression ‘modern day Pharisees’ comes to mind.

    Leftists hate what makes America great. For obvious reasons I have difficulty identifying with the objective of making America great. But even if I did want to do this, I have a tough time seeing how George Bush policies will bring this about. Jesus’ take on greatness was that those who wanted to be the highest needed to make themselves the lowest – e.g. a child or servant (Matthew 18:1-4). America on the other hand is lording it over weaker nations. Everyone knows, for example, that the war in Iraq is at bottom about oil. To maintain America’s economic superiority, your government needs to assure easy access to this resource. Invading Iraq might have achieved this in the short term. However, it will not lead to greatness as Jesus saw it.

    Leftists are stupid. I will not dignify this with a direct response. Suffice it say, it does not help a cause to attack people personally.

    Leftists are liars. A politician on occasion has to promote views that are not their own. This comes with the territory. Politicians are elected to represent their constituents. There are cases were a politician acts according to their own lights, in opposition to the majority, the wisdom of which will hopefully become evident before the next election.

    Leftists are thieves. Another ad hominem.

    Leftists have nothing but contempt for democratic institutions…because they invest authority in judges. I find this a very curious accusation for a Christian to make. The law figures very large in our religion. It was given so that we would know our transgressions, and thereby be saved. In the absence of judges, and therefore the law, we would have mob rule or a tyranny of the majority. In a healthy society there is a creative tension between elected officials and functionaries of the state, like judges.

    Leftists are hypocrites. Jesus said, “Do as they say, not as they do.” When individuals do not practice what they preach, let God deal with them. We should concern ourselves with our own actions.

    Leftists kill people. Abortion and euthanasia are controversial subjects. I believe people of good conscience can disagree on them. What I don’t agree with is the killing of doctors who perform either.

    Leftists are tireless advocates of perversion and degeneracy in all its myriad forms. I believe societies go through liberal and conservative phases. At present we are in a very liberal era, for better and for worse. Pretty soon the conservatives, like the Christian right, will have the upper hand. They too will have their form of “perversion and degeneracy.” See Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

    The left hates God. The Bible says, “Now we see through a glass darkly…” (I Corinthians 13:12). Those who say they know God and criticize other people’s take on the Creator are in danger of creating the idol the author accuses others of creating. We “know only in part” (ibid.) this infinite God. Let us hope that we will know him in full in Heaven, and like the angels in the Book of Revelation praise Him from here to eternity.


  3. First of all, let me thank you for your thoughtful response. 🙂

    1 – The post was about the Left, not the Right. Justifying the Left by saying what’s wrong with the Right doesn’t make the Left any better. I find the Left’s stance on “tolerance” hypocritical.

    2 – Again, you’ve tried to tear down the right to justify the Left. The Left regularly opposes private property rights (environmental first), economic freedom (a socialistic distribution of wealth), merit and accomplishment (we obtain equality by taking away from those that succeed), religious freedom (can’t practice our faith in public venues). Those are all qualities Americans admired about ourselves.

    3 – You didn’t follow the links, did you? If you’ve never read the “stupid” comments at DailyKos or DemocraticUnderground, you’re missing out on some wildly “stupid” conspiracy theories.

    4 – True, all politicians lie to some extent. But the right wingers are much more up front about what they want (lower taxes!) than lefties (it’s for the children!)

    5 – You don’t believe Washington State governor was stolen by Democrats? Google up “King County” and read the shenanigans. This has been going on since Mayor Daly of Chicago decades ago.

    6 – You missed the objection about activist judges. Laws are made by legislatures; judges say “yes” or “no.” At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Many contentious “laws” were passed by leftist judges that are writing their laws from the bench. It’s not supposed to work like that.

    7 – Leftist advocate abortion rights when they themselves haven’t been aborted.

    8 – Again, you attacked the right when the article is about the left. At some point, we can all agree a fetus becomes a baby. Why aren’t the baby’s rights upheld by lefties, the way, say, baby seals are protected?

    9 – So “society goes through liberal phases” is your defense of supporting perversion?

    10 – Which part of the lefties love God and want to keep His commandments? The abortionists? The ACLU? The ones suing to removing the Ten Commandments and want to alter the Pledge of Allegiance? I’m not seeing any love for our Creator there.

    While I agree the points were written in an inflammatory way (I said so in the original post), you need to look at the Worldnet column link and examine it for leftist hypocrisy.


  4. […] A recent visitor took umbrage with with my Religious Linkage for Monday post last week. Part of that post was a Worldnet article called “10 Reasons I’ve Grown to Despise the Left.” The visitor disagreed with the post and cited all sorts of things wrong with right wingers. […]


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