Rita Update Needed

Normally, people come to Chasing the Wind to get information.

Except while I’m in Germany, information is scarce. What’s the damage like in Houston? Any flooding or wind damage?

Anybody seen my wife?

4 thoughts on “Rita Update Needed

  1. Are you not home yet?

    The storm was very minor here. We were barely on the fringes. Baytown has some problems with water and there are still some power outages but there was very little damage.

    Hope you get home soon.


  2. Of course my wife is hot. With the power out, there’s no air conditioning. 🙂

    Thanks for the update – I spoke to Diane after the storm and she’s without power but she and the puppies are safe, no damage at all.

    My flights got cancelled tring to get home. Now it looks like I’ll be here till Oct 6, but I’m not worried like I was earlier in the week.


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