Germany River Trip to Mosel

Thanks to my business partners, I now have some nice photos of the weekend excursions we went on. I have some lovely pictures of the machinery we came to review and inspect, but you don’t want to see those. 😛

First of all, the trip down the river to Mosel. This would have been a lovely outing for an afternoon, but by the end of the day I wanted to jump overboard. From hotel to Mosel and back was like 15 hours. The countryside was beautiful though, was it not? Oh, and that one picture of me holding a travel brochure – it’s all in the way you pronounce your German words. Translated, it means something like “The trip to Burgen,” but in English it sounds like a Renaissance battle cry: “Die, Burgenfahrt!” Or maybe it just sounded like that to me after a 15 hour boat ride to a little winery that was closed. I probably should have jumped overboard to save us all.

More pics coming later today, it’s taking a bit of time to get them all uploaded.

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