Musical Tastes of Germany

I’m not sure what I expected; a nation of oom-pah music, I suppose. But here’s an interesting little tidbit: while most people in Germany speak not a word of English, the music the primarily listen to is entirely English. Out in the plaza, they happily sing along to old John Denver, The Carpenters, and The Beatles. And I don’t think they have a clue what they’re singing.

I did hear one German song, though. Sort of sounded like they were gargling or strangling something. German singing isn’t very pretty.

And in 3 weeks, I haven’t seen a German restaurant. The Germans apparently have a poor view of their own food. You can find bratwurst and sauerkraut at local restaurants, but the restaurants themselves are Italian or Greek or Seoul or Thai. When asked about a good local German restaurant, the locals just sort of shake their head.

I’ve enjoyed my little sojourn in Germany, but I’m happy to report it looks like it comes to an end tomorrow. I’m ready to come home to the wife and puppies.

My little 3 week German adventure comes to a close soon, I hope. I’ve enjoyed Germany

3 thoughts on “Musical Tastes of Germany

  1. I’ll keep a sharp eye on the Gulf for you and steer any hurricanes away.
    Just like my brother, I like to travel the world. This morning I will be traveling to Lometa Texas to attend a goat and sheep auction. I’ll report my findings soon.


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